Ang taaaaray ng hat nila ate!

One thing I love about the British is their love affair with hats. I find it frustrating that wearing hats is not common in the Philippines, so that whenever I complement my outfit with one, people stare at me. I know what they’re thinking, “may shooting ka ba ate? or saan ang photoshoot?”

But the British…oh, how they love their hats! Especially when it comes to formal affairs. Case in point:


Though Princess Eugenie’s hat seemed like it has its own chauffeur, satellite and prolly about two apartments in London.

The Spanish royalty’s hats are simple, classy and elegant….


Becks and Posh — Victoria Beckham’s hat is well….posh (what do you expect?)

I like Zara Philipps’ hat…it’s beautiful and unique, yet looked so classy:

…and oh, the world witnessed the marriage of William and Catherine, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today.


I don’t usually believe in fairy tales, but the wedding of two good friends (who just happened to be the future King and Queen of England) made a believer out of good old cynical me.

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