Another great shoe find

Every once in a while, I chance upon a pair of shoes that I immediately fall in love with. Case in point: the Rockport boots which I abused repeatedly until it became a sorry piece of footwear with frayed threads that I had no choice but to give up, and Faded Glory flats which I bought from my enterprising former officemates at the Japanese kaisha.

Of course, there is my ongoing obsession with oxfords/brogues, boots and oxford wedges and why yes, even the occasional Wellington Boots obsession!

Unfortunately, I had to let go of my favorite ankle boots after the utterly posh looking Chelsea Mejia Boots from Rockport arrived in the mail last December. She was (the ankle boot) was really in a sad state and I kinda know that she will have to be retired. After giving up the ankle boots and settling for the platform boots, I started really missing it so bad. Before it was not too hard to look for something to wear, after all–as I’ve said, it goes well with everything. But when I finally gave up the ankle boots, it’s so hard to find good shoes that will match my clothes. The Chelsea Mejia, in spite the fact that it is stylish, comfortable and nice, couldn’t give me the same level of convenience and comfort that I used to find from the old ankle boots. The big platform heels also made it quite tricky when walking.

Well, while thrifting last Friday night, look what I found:

This shoes remind me of these really wicked bondage boots from George Cox, sold at Rakuten Japan:

from Rakuten website

It was so pretty and so unique that it has turned me into an instant fan. I actually plan wardrobes according to this pair of shoes. It reminds me of shoes that visual kei /JRock and popular pop’ acts use on concerts and during cosplay.


I pretty much wore it every single day of the week, and yes, I have plans of wearing them again tomorrow.

paired with black tights

Sorry guys, no outfit shots since I am don’t have a friend in the Kaisha who can take my picture for me without laughing their heads off, or calling me a delusional moron. So ywah, whatever — at least, I have nice shoes.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I wish I could rock out fashion the way you do Lanikun! *bows*

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Haha! Actually dear, trying hard lang maging hime lolita ang kaibigan mo.
      Dressing up is my form of escape.

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