Guess who’s going to SG?

The universe is nice to me today. Even if I had to kill myself working earlier, I am finally rewarded with the best possible gift ever:

This trip has been in the offing for more than a year already, thanks to JetStar Airways Easter Sale, I am finally going back to this island nation that I have come to love so much. I am going with the Hubby, the Queen and the baby brother (who we booked without consent). It would have been a very great trip if only mom and dad can join but they don’t have their passports yet. Maybe next year? My target is to make them spend their 33rd wedding anniversary at HK Disneyland. With God’s support and kindness, this will be possible.

Hey, you might want to check it out and book a flight. Trips to SG are selling as low as USD38 one way! I was so happy seeing the really nice price that I harassed the Queen to book with us. And the Queen, being an avid traveler, is simply very happy just to do the booking. Check out JetStar’s Easter sale, I think the sale will last until the 11th of April, and good for travel until November.

I don’t have to spell out here that I have very important reasons why I want to be in SG this July. Let’s just say that I have my reasons. But right now, all I can think of is the fun that we’ll have visiting Universal Studios Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands and even Sentosa. The Hubby and the baby brother has yet to see the beauty of Singapore and they’re gonna see it right in the middle of the Great Singapore Sale (27 May – 24 July).

I am so excited that I am already doing my research, with my own travel notebook already at hand. Thank you Lord, I am alive again.

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