Death by Migraine

Can anything be worse than suffering through an excruciating headache? I don’t know which is worse, suffering through a toothache, working while suffering from a debilitating headache or having your heart trampled a trillion times.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, along with a headache that seemed to be sitting really nice on top of my nose and traveling to my temple. I had to drag myself to shower, brush my teeth, dress and hail a cab after trekking ten blocks away from home just to find a goddamn ATM machine. At work, I still struggled with the whole routine since I was thinking, working and battling with headache all at the same time. I’ve been popping my sister’s pain meds the whole time, but nope — the pain refuses to go away.

At 3PM, I finally throw in the towel and pleaded to the managing director and my boss that I am going home ELSE I will decorate the office floor with my puke. I had the nagging compulsion that I’ll be throwing up if I don’t get home ASAP and get some shut-eye. For once, I thanked the heavens for our bedroom’s super dark interiors as I managed to be dead to the whole world for four hours. I woke at 8PM to the screams of one of the lead actresses on one of those annoying soap operas that my dad seriously loves. Why do local soap opera actresses have a habit of shouting? Does that constitute acting? I am supposed to work on some reports but I am so tired and a bit weather beaten to do anything at this point. Maybe later at 4AM when there is no longer any noise to bother me? And oh, I have to be at work at 8:30AM in time for a 9:30 meeting with a big-paying client. Yes, story of my life, ladies and gentlemen.

Now I seriously wish this headache will go away. I seriously need to start wearing glasses. Again.

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