Santa called, he wants his tinsels back

Japanese idols really have it bad when it comes to costume choices. I mean, I bemoaned before the styling and costuming for my favorite group, Arashi and wow, there is actually another group that tops them when it comes to blindness-inducing/gag-reflex styling.



Please meet Dream Morning Musume, one of Japan’s numerous idol groups with really nifty costume preferences. They are currently promoting their upcoming album, “Dori Musu”. (source)

If you noticed, it’s like two opposing poles when it comes to the sartorial preferences of idol groups from Japan compared to the idols from South Korea. Lest some crazy/deranged/psychologically incapacitated fan gets berserk, I am just comparing their clothing choices and not their talents and capabilities. So please, hold on to your panties.

The idol groups of South Korea are more sleek, dressed very well (especially the male groups) and would often boast of wearing “off the ramp pieces” from well known western designers. Best dressed for me is Top and G-Dragon of Big Bang (who are all nifty dressers too)

For girls, I like the street-style and cred of Big Bang label-mates, 2NE1:

Obviously by now, you can see that I am partial to street-style clothing. Other notable dressers include Girls Generation and Super Junior.

For Japanese idols, it has become a must to wear feather boas, glitters, tassels and various what nots. The more you look like a marching band, or a New Orleans parade delegate that is superbly high on crack, the better.

More on this on my next posts…have to leave for a chance for (temporary) freedom.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Haha I love your title! Funny! Thanks for the shout out for Gd & Top & of course, Big Bang! Oooh, going home early! Enjoy!

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