I think I’m in love…


…and again


That’s my favorite reason to watch “Glee” on its second season. He is also the reason why I had to sneak out of work a few months ago just so that I can watch him live and see him in concert. And yeah, I bought his CD, “Human” which contained really great music.

I wonder what’s in store for Blaine on Glee. Rumor says he is up for series regular by season three but unless I see it with my own eyes I am not convinced.

A few minutes after posting this entry, I came across a Darren Criss interview at Out Magazine and my, the accompanying pictures are just so…..damn sexy it would make you sin just by looking at em. The publication also included Darren on its list of “Hot Young Hollywood” and mentioned his Christmastime visit in the Philippines (and yes, where I played hooky at work just to attend).

SUSMARYOSEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (picture from Out.com)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Diana says:

    Lucky you even went to his concert! Did you get to meet him afterwards for a picture or autograph? 🙂

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