Winning the battle, losing the war…

Let me tell you something about good ol’ kaisha–it is good to people who serve it well and without question, but quite ruthless to those who dare to be different or not comfort to the pack. Like really nifty scientists out of a sci-fi movie, the powers-that-be mold and develop people to be unquestioning warm bodies. To think as ruthlessly and as shrewdly as the Bi-Centennial Man. People who find this odd, weird or even disturbing are usually the first people to go.

People come and go, sometimes as fast as they first appeared on the dimly-lit, claustrophobia-inducing hallways of the kaisha. Sometimes, they try to leave as quickly as they’ve arrived but the impressive machinations, countless dramas and depressing schemes will get in the way. Well, the roster of so-called “quitters” has been beefed up once again with the departure of two of my friends (effectively leaving my friend count to one person–I kid you not). While I thoroughly agree that people will eventually come and go and we really shouldn’t force people to stay in their job if they don’t want to–a part of me is asking if you can consider this as winning a particular battle, but (in the end) losing a particularly difficult war.

Yeah, your 8 to 5 suffering might be over–but what about the day after your last in the office? Who knows what the next job will bring? It can be exactly like the one you absolutely hate, thus repeating an endless process of hating and leaving, hating or leaving.

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