My little kitty knows her priorities…

When my pet cat got pregnant and gave birth to three kittens two months ago, we knew that we had to let go of the kittens since our house cannot accommodate any other addition to our growing roster of feline friends. Currently, we have 4 cats– the girls: Sayuri, Yumi and Niro-chan, and the only tom and the source of population explosion, Kane-kun.

Hubby went home to Manila and brought all three kitties which will be given to market vendors in Loreto. I was convinced that the kittens were all distributed evenly when my hubby texted to inform me that one of the little kittens, Keychain was not accepted by vendors because she is so small. And besides, he can’t resist her really huge round eyes that seemed to follow him whenever he went.

So, he didn’t have any choice but to bring Keychain back home. When I came home from work earlier, this is what I saw:

My little Keychain is growing up to be like her human! She loves sleeping on all my shoes and we usually find her inside my boots, my brogues and rubber shoes. My Keychain is now growing up to be a shoe fiend…I just hope we can find something that fits her.

Keychain and her favorite shoes: my gray UGGS and my black and gold brogues from Ichigo

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