A message from Arashi, for the rest of Japan

Thanks to TokyoHive for posting this:

Ohno Satoshi: “Everyone who has been affected by the recent disaster, please accept our condolences. This is the message from us, Arashi, to everybody who is watching this show, and to everybody who is not able to watch the show.”
Matsumoto Jun: “To Grandpas, Grandmas, fathers, mothers, big brothers, big sisters, little brothers, little sisters, and children who have been affected, and are exerting themselves to overcome the disaster. ”
Ninomiya Kazunari: “Only one thing we, Arashi can do for you now, is to do our best to show you ‘usual Arashi’.”
Sakurai Sho: “At the same time, we will also continue to do things we can do here in Tokyo, such as save electricity and participate in donations. We believe that a pile of tiny things can be big agent.”
Aiba Masaki: “Tonight, we will do our best with this show and our song to make everybody smile even for a moment.”

This was during the beginning of their variety program, “Arashi ni Shiyagare”, broadcasted last March 19. The boys performed “Hatenai Sora” after they relayed their message.

So far, many celebrities have already pledged their support for Japan–Tackey and Tsubasa and the rest of Johnny’s has announced various initiatives for the quake relief, as well as artists from the Stardust management agency.

I hope these relief efforts continue, and that these artistes may inspire young people to work together for the immediate rehabilitation of Japan.


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