Pleasant discoveries in the City of Pines

I like doing my travel research and what-not over the internet. I pretty much landed great deals and inexpensive surprises by researching on the internet alone. I eschews travel agencies (though I might finally tap one for my dad’s passport) in my belief that running on an agency’s expert hands on a non-complicated trip zaps the adventure away out of any trip.

I relish finding great bargains just by research alone, and the Baguio trip with the fam was one of my best ones so far. I found two great surprises online during the Baguio trip and I am sharing them with you:

* Lodging – I for one, believe that lodging in Baguio should be slightly far from the session road and the natural noise of the city. I love my peace and quiet, don’t blame me. When I found Baguio Transient House through good old Google, I was still a bit wary since the Queen (university-educated in Baguio) doesn’t even have an idea where exactly is Mission Road. But hey, I love my adventure:

…and I am glad I stuck with gut feel alone. Baguio Transient House is simply the best transient home in Baguio.

Baguio Transient House -- our home away from home!

Well, it is indeed ten minutes away from SM Baguio, and a good PHP52 fare from the taxi meter…it also offers the opportunity for true peace and quiet after you had your share of exploring the city. We stayed on a two bedroom unit, good for a family of six, and the place was simply too pretty for words.

Its owners, Ms. Jhoie and her husband, Mr. Peter were generous and accommodating hosts. The property caretaker, Lanie was nice and accommodating also. This transient house provides you clean mineral water, wifi, nice cooking essentials, your own ref to store market finds, hot water and cable television. You can opt for a little barbecue outside the unit gate if you want to. There’s motion sensor camera and lights and a private parking lot if you brought your own vehicle.

The plates were all delicate and well-maintained (no plastic plates or cheap, cracked stained china here) and there’s even mugs and glasses provided. And yeah, Ms. Jhoie threw in dish washing liquid and three-in-one coffee sachets for your convenience and enjoyment. At PHP3,000 for a one-night, two day stay–it was truly worth it.

The family loved it so much there that we are already planning another Baguio trip on May, during my birthday. I will definitely stay again at Baguio Transient House and I recommend it if you want peace and quiet during your stay.

Another great discovery is the restaurant where we ate lunch before proceeding to the bus station. The baby bro found a description of the restaurant on one of the blogs he visited, but unfortunately–he failed to write the name of the said restaurant.

So, for twenty minutes: we scoured and braved the heat of Session Road, acting on my brother’s hunch and his claim that “he knew how the building looked like”.

After 15 minutes, he said: this is it, pointing to a non-descript, old-looking building which seemed to house storage and goons plotting wofrld domination. After climbing a sorry flight of stairs, we entered an abandoned looking Chinese resto with old chairs, huge round tables and red table sheets. And kind, old man ushered us to our seat and gave us a dated-looking menu.

Truth be told, I was waiting for Bruce Lee or Tony Leung to occupy the corner table. The Wongkarwainess of the place was simply too much to ignore. I kept looking at the door, convinced that members of the Triad will bust out and invite Bruce Lee to some serious gang beating. I was also tempted to smack the baby brother in the head for recommending a weather-beaten restaurant.

For once in my life, I am so glad to be so wrong. Cos when the food kept coming: IT WAS CHINESE RESTO HEAVEN!

huge round tables, dated red chairs, old red table cloth, old mandarin fans as design....see the Wongkarwainess of it all?
on one corner, an old high chair, made of solid wood, is waiting to be used
WOW! these made us so happy and well-fed 🙂

How do I describe the food? It was well -prepared, sumptuous, and simply too yummy for words. The unnie and I (who eschews rice) ate like as if we’re not conscious of our weight. The vegetables were fresh and crispy, while the meat was so well-cooked and done just right.

butter chicken

The total bill was for PHP1,100, not bad for a family of six who ate voraciously and thoroughly and went home really happy and satisfied, not only with the food but also with the service accorded to us. And yes, even if the place is dated, it was clean and well-maintained by the servers.

I wish I could tell you guys where EXACTLY this is, but I really suck at remembering small details. It’s along Session Road and in front of Jollibee, I think? I hope you find it–it’s worth the long walk and really worth trying.

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