Am here where it matters

Baguio, 10PM – This is the first time that I felt peaceful and happy in a very long time (read: 3 months). Being with my family–the hubby and my mom, dad, unnie and baby bro gave me time to really celebrate what is important in life. In my case, these are the people who understand and support me–without passing judgment or applying unnecessary pressure.

I love the fact that I can be myself when I am with my family. There were no people who judge me based on how I speak or what school I go to. My family understood me and will not speak behind my back, or make me look inefficient. My family–no matter how crazy they may be–does not pass judgment.

i told you we're crazy
me--taking a picture of my crazy brother and equally demented Hubby with our mom

I have been through a lot this week: work has been especially hard for me, to the point that I just wanted to disappear. But proper decorum dictates proper work etiquette. My mom and dad has taught me to give respect to people–whether they deserve it or not–and to give them the respect that should be accorded to an old person.

I am taking the opportunity to be here, a hundred kilometers from reality to just enjoy the fresh, clean COLD air and clear my head — cos it’s pretty much polluted from all the DRAMA that I seem to have a knack of attracting.

Thank God I am in Baguio.

I have so many things to say about this city. I had one of my best breakfast meals (fresh out of the bus) at Zola, this little joint off Session Road.

fluffy pancakes topped with apple wedges, only at Zola,

Then, I spent the whole day just walking from one place to the other–the highlight of which is a trip to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) campus in Fort Del Pilar. The place was simply amazing — just perfect as the training ground for thee country’s soldiers, pilots, marines and navy. I will make a separate post detailing my adventures here in Baguio. The vacation was so worth it, even if I started receiving frantic inquiries from one of the bosses for something URGENT. Something URGENT which was already provided yesterday.

Again, it felt like a sign from God — telling me that I really have to think wisely of my decisions. Whatever they maybe, I know things will be better…they have to be :-))

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