Do you love the sea as much as I do?
So imagine my utter delight when my biggest client decided to launch FIFTEEN of the hottest cameras in the market today on board one of the yachts sailing in the interesting waters of the Manila Bay.

It was my first time again to sail, five years after leaving one of my former employees (the shipping line). While people are getting sea sick and trying to stand straight, I was walking like as if I am just on the office floor. So delighted to know that my sea legs are still intact and functioning. I suddenly missed my old office at Pier 2: fixing the ship manifest (for the media), dealing with the vessel master and trying to hold my laughter while watching the life jacket demo. That was my life five years ago–and it was one of my best working experiences.

take your pick! competitively priced yet utterly delightful and worth the digital experience!

As part of the event activities, people were assigned their own cameras to test. These are some of the pictures I took:

Beautiful sunset?
along mall of asia

Then, as part of account management–I had to baby sit the key resource person as he is interviewed by the media:

feeling media

But my favorite picture among the lot is this:

the yachts stationed at the harbor center

This is taken using my trusty ___________ camera, which will remain nameless since it doesn’t exactly correspond to the account. It;s just so pretty–to think it was taken during a Thurday night catching-up with the hubby.

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