You cocky, little heart breaker!

Here’s Jun-related chismax on cyberspace (–thanks to this source):

Apparently, my Hubby (from the alternate universe) had a bad case of the PMS during a LIVE airing of VS Arashi. The prince was pouty after his team, the Stormy boys lost to their guests, during the series of games in the program. It was also reported that MatsuJun was sporting a pout all throughout the game and is visibly upset over his poor performance (SOURCE).

Oh well, MatsuJun is not exactly known as the least uptight of all Arashi members. In fact, it’s him who is very much a perfectionist, and was even dubbed DoS during their early years. He also hates losing and at times, has a way of taking himself too seriously.

I seriously think that he is entitled to his “off” days. Last time I checked, he is still human and has the right to be pouty if he wants to. I mean he could go pout all day and I will still devote hours and hours of useless fangirling in his honor. Oh — let him bitch all day if he wants to. Fact is, it’s not a big deal.

Weird–but I seriously find him adorable when he’s all being bitchy. Like it just reiterates the fact that HE IS DOMYOUJI..

Watch the prince having a really off day at:

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