Shirota Yuuuuuuuuu-ur so yuuuuumy!!!

Oh my gulay! It’s Shirota Yuu’s turn to go nekkid!
For non-fans of Japanese actors, you might remember Shirota Yuu as the ambitious competitive jumper who is the fiercest rival of Shun Oguri’s character in Hana Kimi (Japan). He is also the face of Mamoru/Tuxedo Knight in the live action adaptation of Sailor Moon. ‘

For those who know who Shirota Yuu is– well, there is no need for further introductions. Cos words, in this post, are useless:



Aaaaaargh!!! I don’t know why anan kept doing this me, just when I had my confession last week and had a serious one-on-one discussion with the Lord Almighty that I’d pretty much stay away from sinful things. And now this…THIS!!!

If you don’t remember, this and this are the things that I had to put up with last year, when it was almost the Holy Week! As you can see, I don’t exactly look like I was atoning for whatever sin I was committing.

Anyway, where were we? Oh yes, the thing of beauty that we have at hand:

yeah, I am so yummy --and yeh know it!

What is it with Japanese boys that makes me want to run to Japan? Is it their lithe bodies and their doll-like features? The interesting hairstyle or the fact that they seemed to exist in high-end mangas only? Anyway, I can assure you that I am a happy camper at 10:50PM! Seeing anan issues such as these makes me want to abandon my plan of being a travel writer and just work for anan!

Hah! I don’t care if the pay is low and if I have to study Nihonggo just to qualify, I’d gladly do that in exchange for a job as shoot assistant. (hehehe! such a perv, sorry!) Oh, I promise I’ll be professional and serious about this job 🙂

Just to remind you what Shirota Yuu looks like CLOTHED…

...still breathtakingly gorgeous!!!

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