The travails of being adle brained

I had the brilliant idea to delete one of my blogs — the old one which I seriously wish people do not get to see or read… so, off I click the link as stated by yahoo and wordpress, confident that I will not get to wipe out a year’s worth of thoughts.

Then I promptly forgot about it, until I log on tonight and see only remnants of old blog and my familiar dashboard for KamikazeeGirl missing. I start to hyperventilate…hyperventilate…. hyperventilate…

You see, I am very stupid when it comes to items of technology and gadgets. My IQ level takes a serious drop, reduced to the IQ of that of a common house frog. As I type this, I am seriously hyperventilating, thinking I lost KamikazeeGirl forever.

set me now on fire, will you?

I still don’t know if I do, I mean–I am posting ain’t I? But I can’t find my stats…my beloved stats whom I owe to all my readers. I mean, who would waste their time reading a nobody? For those who take time to read my thoughts, I am very grateful. Whoa, and when I panic, I turn melodramatic.

I still don’t know if I really lost KamikazeeGirl — and I have no idea to fix this situation if ever this is true. Just to illustrate how much of a loser I am in the gadget department: I am usually the annoying officemate who harasses the IT department for simple problems, problems that can be easily fixed with “alt-ctrl-del” or by fixing something in the configuration. Well, my solution always is to shut it off from the UPS power supply. Yes, I wreck PCs this way.

So far, Momo hasn’t given me any problems yet–except for the fact that I lost wifi signal once and promptly went postal. Hehe–it seems I just disconnected Momo from the system (stupid me).

Anyway, I really don’t know what will I do should I lose KamikazeeGirl…. put ash in my hair and burn all my clothes? Yes, that means I am in mourning.

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