Hell Week is Over!!!

Bust open the soju and hand me my favorite serving of green tea ice cream, I am–once again–alive and well. After a harrowing week where I almost cried due to frustration, contemplated murder and threatened to quit work.

I had three events this week, two of which was finalised a good two weeks prior the big day–with left and right changes from the fickle-minded client. Aside from that, a very trusty person quit the team (so trusty in fact that the century-old boss never forgot to remind me that she is indeed, TRUSTY) right at the middle of a very busy week. I was the extremely fortunate person who inherited all her accounts (BIG and IMPORTANT accounts), all of which have their requirements from the newbies (i.e. me)

Why is it Hell Week? Well, for one–I spread myself too thin, handling two events and then answering account inquiries. Add to that the feeling of trying to kowtow to bosses and clients, beinbg treated like a glorified rank-and-file, feeling tired and dejected, not sleeping for three consecutive days and getting a first hand look on how things work at the agency. Nope, not good at all.

The Colago HangMan Lamp -- I should probably get this for our bed table (image from http://bedzine.com)

For three days, I had to deal with this:

1. A client who addresses me like as if I am her slave and we are still at the middle of Civil War America. She beckons at me with her finger, addresses me sullenly in front of any one and makes me deal with her own pathetic mess, no thanks to her brilliant organization skills. I was seething inside, but it was not my place to disrespect her and the company I work for. So I let it go, but I was simply too angry inside to let it go.

2. Want to know one of my favorite peeves? Old people who make life difficult for other people just because they feel like they are entitled to. Now, I have a soft spot for the elderly…but there are just some that are so wicked and proud and mean-spirited. Take this person (a VP of a company, mind you!) who threatened to walk out of my event if I don’t give him a FUCKING parking pass to cover the hotel parking. Take note, I already gave him a flat rate parking pass, but noooooooo–he wants a fucking FREE parking pass, disregard the fact that he is a VP and prolly makes enough money to tide him over for twenty lifetimes. And when he thought he won’t be getting a free pass from me, he started harassing hotel lobby boys, demanding to see the hotel manager (who he claims he knows), and then threatening all together to leave the event for a FUCKING pass!!! So, (at this time I was already pissed off) I gave him the remaining one at my disposal where he started gloating cos he got want he wanted. I wanted to shove it up his wrinkled ass, but then again good old propriety dictated I should still be respectful of elders EVEN IF THEY ARE MEAN AND GENERAL A*HOLES. So sir, yeah — I hope you are very happy with your free pass. And I sincerely hope to God that I may never encounter you again….on this lifetime, and maybe even the next.

3. Great organization, delegation and scheduling skills of some people I have high expectations to — AND YES, I AM BEING SARCASTIC! One of the reasons why I wanted to hang myself from too much stress this week is due to the impeccable organization and delegation skills of some people I have high regard to! It is so impeccable that I came to a point that I prayed that I may be able to split this body into three or maybe four people just so: one can remain at the office and do the leg work and the reports and all that shit; another, to man the two-day event and serve as the general slave of the client; another one, another one to service a big client and their upcoming event next week and maybe another one, just so I can have time with my hubby and my family. My life this week is THAT hectic that sleep has become an alien concept again.

4. DIFFICULT PEOPLE — I sincerely hope to God that these amateurish bitches grew genital warts for being so shitty, disrespectful, acting high and mighty and mean-spirited whores. I know it is bad to speak ill of someone but why should I extend the same courtesy I give to decent human beings to these amateurs who fancy themselves as intelligent human beings. PWEDE BA?????

5. MURPHY’S LAW — As stated, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” And it did. Murphy never fails me.

Oh, if you will ask me how the event went– it was so fucking SUCCESSFUL I can’t even fathom how we are able to pull it. I guess God finally took pity of me and decided that He will give me redemption after all the shit I’ve been through this week.

As always, in spite and despite all–He is the Wisest and All-Knowing One.

PS: Sorry if I have to put the words F*ck, B*tch, Wh*res, G*n*t*l W*rts and sh*t in just one post together with GOD– but this is my only opportunity to say what I really feel, considering that I have successfully managed to keep my mouth shut for three days.

2 Replies to “Hell Week is Over!!!”

  1. Hi there, KGurl… just want to ask what exactly drove you to break away from the said company? Maybe you’re wonderin why I’m so interested… well, I’m to be hired for a position in the creatives and I’m sort of fishing what type of environment i’m going to be in to. I’m just concerned. 🙂


    1. Hi Ian!
      I used to work with Creatives, I am now with PR.
      I enjoyed my work before as a copywriter, you have the license to practice your creativity and improve your skills. The problem then was the company as it did not pose challenges for someone like me. I also find myself stagnant for a year–writing about the same old copies on whitening, beauty, skin etc 🙂

      So I transferred to the highly dynamic world of PR — which is more challenging than what I was doing before.
      I think you just have to be patient…REALLY patient cos you’ll be meeting a lot of clients (there a nice ones, and there are those you’d like to strangle with your bare hands).

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