A tale of two drivers

I’m sure, by now — you’ve seen this program, “Toughest Place to Be…”, a reality program aired by BBC in Britain. The premise of the program is this, they bring some of their citizens to a different country to practice the same profession that they do in Britain, only in a different setting and circumstances.

This particular episode, about a London bus driver Josh West is heavily making the rounds of different blogs in the Philippines. Josh drives a red double decker bus worth 350,000 UK Pounds or about 24.6 M in Philippine pesos. For the next 10 days of his life, Josh lived with a Filipino driver Rogelio Castro in Rogelio’s self-made home in San Andres Bukid, Manila. In 10 days, Josh was able to experience life through the eyes of a poor yet hardworking common Filipino–he got to see and experience the cycle of working hard to survive, and got to hear the dreams of a simple man.

In the end, Josh was simply touched and heartbroken upon witnessing the life of a determined and hard working man. If you haven’t seen this vid — I recommend you do. I found myself crying (especially during parts 4-6)…

This is the part where I began to tear-up…

For complete details about the program, go here

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