YAKIMIX: Glutton’s paradise!

I am not the the type who likes “eat-all-you-can gimmicks” often plied by restaurants. I personally feel like its a waste of money, especially if you’re the type who doesn’t eat like as if we are in the midst of severe hunger. I feel that in one way or the other, it’s the consumers who often get the shorter end of the stick than the restaurants.

However, there’s one eat-all-you-can resto that I like above any other restaurants in Manila (yes! even more than Kamayan or Dad’s!). It’s YAKIMIX!!! I’ve eaten in this resto twice this month. First (and also my first time eating there) was when I had dinner with the Meanies and then I came back a few weeks after with the hubby in tow. He simply can’t get over the fact that he has access to all types of meat and grill it to his heart’s content. Wow, it was love at first sight–a delectable mixture of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese/Chinese dishes, plus a wide array of meat and veggies and CORN (!) that one can grill to her heart’s content. I love the fact that we can grill our favorite meat (chicken!) right at our own table:

Yakimix MOA!
grilling sensation 🙂

I seriously love the food selection there , especially the bacon wrapped asparagus and mushrooms! The selection is a choice of some of the fresh meats and seafood. A separate area is also designated for desserts–chestful of ice cream, an assortment of cake and pastries and ice cream toppers (gummy bears!) and all the things that make kids happy. And oh, ice pops too!

Aside from the meat selection for the grilling, there’s a selection of Korean, Chinese and Japanese dishes that you can try like salads, soups, different kinds of viands and of course, rice. One part was also designated for a wide array of sushi and sashimi, which during my second visit–was one of the reasons why the hubby enjoyed eating there.

One of the reasons why I came back was because I love the customer service at their MOA branch. The servers assigned to this particular branch made the (excruciating) almost two-hour wait worth it. That’s why I was a bit disappointed on how things were ran at the Greenbelt branch–it requires utmost patience calling the server for drink refills, inquiries etc., or just jostling against 200 people waiting for their own taste of this Glutton’s paradise. The MOA branch was more exciting and the servers seemed more alive and accommodating, at Greenbelt–the servers are indifferent. They’re doing their job, period.

That’s why when I come back (with the whole family in tow), I might as well bring them to MOA–even if it’s too far from my place. I suggest that when you suddenly had the craving for Yakimix, come early so that you can register your name early in case. The dinner with the Meanies was scheduled at a very busy time so you can just imagine the agonizing wait.

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