My weekend: series of meetings, explorations and a must-read book

The thing with PR is that you are always on-call, especially if there’s an event looming in the horizon. So, don’t be so sure about your weekends: you could be spending one breezy Friday afternoon attending a product training for one of your clients (one of the biggest consumer products in the market today).

After being named the new person-in-charge last week, I am literally quaking in my undies now, trying to understand the things I must digest in barely a week. I have to take care of this account as I’ve heard it’s earning the agency mondo big bucks, and I was warned early on by the MD that I am not ALLOWED to f*ck their relationship with this account.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand–so, I spent the rest of the afternoon holed up in the product training, trying to conceal my excitement with their new products. It was the 25thyear of the EDSA revolution, and I was still scheduled to meet with another company (to tap them as one of the (sponsors), so after the product training–the writer and I stayed at this place, while waiting for the media contact:

can u believe that this is in the Philippines?

This mall, the Venice Piazza is a full-service F&B and lifestyle attraction for the residents of McKinley Hill is Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. Quite honestly, the place was so pretty and quiet–seemingly unaffected by the hustle, bustle and grit of Manila-living. I am sure spaces for condo or housing doesn’t come cheap, but I definitely now know what to BUY FIRST when I finally win that danged lotto.

In other news, I finally found this after a long search on local book stores:

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Seriously? You’ve only seen Norwegian Wood this weekend? I don’t want to sound all high and mighty kapatid…it’s just that I’ve been seeing it for a few years now–I remember I wanted to get it for Ava for xmas a few years back but I wasn’t sure if she already had it. Sana I knew you were looking for it para I could’ve gotten it for you. The cover that I saw was black and white though, not this one. =)

    Oh and in other Nihon related news, Ava & I had lunch with our other friend Mae at Shangrila last saturday (yes, before heading to the SuJu concert!) and there was a Nihonggo Festival at the Shang!

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