To Sir, with lust

Tell me if this was your teacher, would you even think of skipping school EVER AGAIN?

“I’m not comfortable with the idea of my sex appeal, but I know in my job I have to use it. I wish I could say I got to this point in my career based on my talent, but I don’t think that’s true.”

— Matthew Morrison
“Hot for Teacher”, Details Magazine

HAH! If you ask me, I’d be staying put in my school desk. In fact, they’d probably had to pry our my cold, dead hands away from my desk — I am staying put, and listening to the lessons (NO MATTER HOW BORING) just as long as the words are coming out of his pretty mouth.

If you don’t know who Will Schuester is, or Mr. Schue, then I am pretty sure that you are either living under a rock, or just simply don’t care. For the uninformed, Mr. Schuester is the Spanish-teacher turned Glee Club Adviser on the hit television show, “Glee”. More than the amazing pipes of some of the best young singers in Hollywood today (Darren Criss!!!), it is Mr. Schue’s dorky-sexy vibe that gets the 20++++++ tuning in for the latest chikka at William McKinley High School.

This teacher has a way of making you fall in love with him, especially when he starts busting the dance moves (biglang pumopogi/ he suddenly becomes very attractive). It’s no wonder the girls almost lost “it” during their “Toxic” dance number.

Wow, I wish I had someone like Mr. Schue back in high school. Maybe it would have made me more interested in my lessons. Hah! Imagine if someone like Mr. Schue taught my calculus class. I am pretty sure I wouldn’t have gotten a 76 on that class.


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