Heaven is just one click away!

Idle hands is really the devil’s play ground.
In spite the fact that work is keeping me busy (and crazy)…. I managed to find some idle time earlier. And when I am idle, I am prone to looking for some crazy stuff online.

DESPERATE due to the lack of any good Japanese clothing and lifestyle shops in Manila, I tried looking for good shops online, and boy–I did managed to find the best:

Rakuten is the biggest online shopping mall operator in Japan, and one of the largest internet companies in the world (in the same league as Amazon, Expedia, etc). Recently, it made the headlines after its chief executive announced that the company is making English its only official language by 2012.

Anyway, I find myself signing up and typing my information after I scanning what the shop has the offer. My current obsession is this:

No, I haven’t made the bold move of purchasing it yet just because I am still trying NOT to. And besides, I haven’t explored the whole site yet and I am thinking there could be some really cool stuff that I haven’t seen yet. (Uhm, like these sensible yet NICE shoes, perhaps?)


And yeah, they also ship Japanese fashion magazines!

These magazines sell from PHP2,000 to PHP2,600 for six months’ subscription, with the buyer receiving the first issue about 2-3 weeks after the purchase. I don’t know if this is tempting enough for me to hit the “BUY” button.

Right now, I am obsessed in putting too much funds as possible on my one and only credit card, for the purpose of a one-day shopping spree at Rakuten. When? That is the question as I am trying to be OBSESSIVELY responsible with money and all that stuff.


All pictures property of Rakuten

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