Vacation plans

I decided to escape the city even for two days. I’ll be hiking up North with my family and the Hubby by end of the month. I think something in me snapped these past few weeks and I started scourging around for room reservations like crazy.

It doesn’t help that I decided to go North during the Panagbenga Festival–the busiest time of the season when the cost of stay is doubled–tripled even! I don’t know — call me masochistic, but I really had to get away. To think that the day of the trip falls on the weekend before a REALLY BIG EVENT with the demanding and stressful account that I am handling. I am sure that I’ll never hear the end of this from the office MD (managing director), but it’s a risk I am willing to take. This early, I am thinking of applying for a leave the day before I left just so that I can rest easy before the long commute.

Anyway, this will be my first time to watch the festival, if ever. Plus — the hubby is also raring to see the city which he last saw while he was in secondary school. The parents are even excited and had agreed with our proposed itinerary.

Anyway, I really wish I can find rooms–even if I have two weeks to plan the whole trip altogether. The sis and I are buying bus tickets as early as next week just to make sure that we have seats on the bus.

I’m excited. It’s been too long since I had a really nice vacation. I hope this one rocks.

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