MEANt to Be!

Legendary American radio personality Bernard Meltzer once said, “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

This best applies to my Mean Team, this crazy group of people who I belong to from two jobs back. After I left, they pretty much continued with their life (though I AM SURE THEY SURE HELLA MISSES ME–which I know they will deny 🙂 and I had to continue surviving the great world outside the orange confines of my former company.

Well, I finally had time to catch up with them last week, and it was soooo good. Laughing with these crazy people was the best therapy for all the shit I had been dealing with these past few weeks. I never laughed so hard like when I was with these people. We had dinner at YakiMix, this eat-all-you-can place at MOA (the food was delish!) and we pretty much owned the place that night with the crazy way we laughed and embarrassed the shit out of one another.

MT madness!

V is celebrating his birthday on the 19th, and the dinner soon turned into an early celebration of his birthday…and a belated one for G:

V was effing happy -- LOOK AT HIS FACE! love you, V!
..and here's G, who I said, looked like she owned the whole place! peace, G! luuurv yah 🙂

My friends and I are not beyond doing crazy things when together. I know they’ll nag me since I posted this, but hey — this is my blog. Sorry kids! 🙂 Hehe!

pretending we're all siopao buns...
....sometimes we get physical. (I hope the guy in green doesn't kill me)

...or affectionate. happy valentines, Q & L! yiheeeeeeee!!!

…but most of all, we’re not big on following simple directions. Or simply too cool to care: this girl. Peace, J!

These people prove to me that I don’t need to be someone I am not, just so other people will like me. I maybe a lot of things, but they accepted me for who I am–even if I do get to be babied so much sometimes (even if I am not the youngest, just because I am the most immature). They may bully me and gang up on me sometimes (and ENDLESSLY remind me that I don’t know how to properly grill a fish. Almost fed them raw fish once–long story. or remind me of my inadequacies in the “maturity” department) but these people kinda stuck with me even in my shittiest days. Thanks to them, I am secure on who I really am. Thanks to them, I know I have another family I can run to, when I know the world is crashing down on me.

Oh please, Mean Team — I do hope you’re not crying now. Haha! Thanks for the dinner, kids. Till next time 🙂

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