Adorably cute, funny, amazing…and just plain weird

…I am talking about YouTube videos.

Well, even if I am currently buried neck-deep with work and I hardly see friends nowadays, I’ve resorted to viewing amazing videos on YouTube to blow off steam and to release stress. Of course, first on my current favorite videos in the Superbowl ad of the little Darth Vader who is now taking the advertising world (and online world) by storm.

It was simply too amazing and cute for words! I can imagine myself raising a kid like this–whose imagination is as vast as the universe which Darth can only dream of conquering:

With 24 million views (and counting!) –this ad has made an overnight celebrity of Max, the little boy who convincingly played Darth Vader. And yes, mask or no mask-HE IS SIMPLY SO ADORABLE

And then we go to the weirdly funny and heartwarming (cos, Yo…we’re Pinoy!)

So, what can you say on the wicked tropes room and the ripridjerator filled with iggs and bep? Yeah, Manny Pacquiao may have his ubiquitous accent, but no one can deny that he is CURRENTLY THE BEST POUND-FOR-POUND BOXER OF THIS GENERATION. Nice digs, Manny! You have one wicked house!

…and then we go to the mildly embarrassing. Surely you’ve heard that Christina Aguilera flubbed the lyrics during her over-the-top rendition of Star Spangled Banner during the Super Bowl.

I don’t know what’s with national anthems, that even seasoned singers often crash and burn on their VERY PUBLIC renditions. This same problem also plague Pinoy singers whenever they are given the task of singing the Philippine National Anthem during Manny Pacquiao fights. They either flub the lyrics, belt out a wrong tune or jazz the national anthem so much you almost forgot that this is a National Anthem and meant to be respected and solemn.

So, what is your current favorite YouTube video?

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