Anywhere but here…

I don’t know if you can still call me the “ideal, patriotic Filipino”, especially when I say that if given the choice, I’d rather be anywhere (ON A FIRST WORLD COUNTRY at least) than suffer here in the Philippines.

Earlier, while grappling with a very tricky situation with one of my media invitees for her Schengen Visa, I suddenly had the brilliant idea to search the internet for countries where Filipinos can enter without the benefit of a visa. I mean, we do know that the fact that we are Filipinos pretty much made the list of countries we can visit very limited. Here are the few that would allow us to enter with just our passport, pocket money and good old lakas ng loob:


List from

China(Mainland) (Visa on Arrival for Shenzhen area only)
East Timor (Visa on Arrival)
Hong Kong (China)
Iran (Visa on Arrival)
Korea(After visiting Korea 4 times with visa)
Laos(Visa on Arrival)
Macau (China)
Maldives(Visa on Arrival and/or other requirements)
Myanmar(Visa on Arrival)
Pakistan (Visa on Arrival at Sost only at Pakistani-Chinese border)
Sri Lanka
Taiwan (Republic of China) (With special requirement)

Pacific Islands/Australasia
Marshall Islands(Visa on Arrival)
Northern Mariana Islands(Visa on Arrival)

Saint Helena
Sao Tome and Principe(Visa on Arrival)
Tanzania(Visa on Arrival)
Zambia(Visa on Arrival)


North America(May need transit visa to other countries)
Costa Rica

South America(May need transit visa to other countries)

*Visa on Arrival – Will grant visa on arrival for a fee and other requirements such as proof of funds, etc.

So obviously, my dream countries like Japan and the UK wouldn’t allow Filipinos to enter their countries or even touch a tip of their boarders with a ten-foot pole. And for me to reach these countries, I must have the money to prove to them that I don’t have plans of being an undocumented alien, or show them that someone is willing to sponsor my sojourn to their countries should I have the chance to go there.

I really can’t blame them if they are a bit wary of Filipino travelers–especially since some of my kababayans have this genius idea of being TNT or undocumented aliens once they reach the country of their dreams (it’s usually the US!). Hence, the legitimate travelers and adventurers were the ones who suffer through the consequences in the end.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Hi there, I hope you’re well. In case you’re’s my usual virtual *hug*!

    I did this at work too one time…google places where I can go without requiring a visa. Of course I was pretty disappointed…even good ol Korea will only accept me without a visa AFTER I visit them 4 times with one! Hmm..but some asian countries are ok though…I’d still love to see Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and seriously, China?! Are we talking great wall and forbidden city here? I’d love to see those too. Ooh, Maldives! Lee Min Ho went on vacation there…haha…

    For the past few days though I’ve been having the same thoughts..”anywhere but here”..well, more than that I usually think, “why not us?”–I mean, why are we where we are? And why do people act the way they do? Can’t we even follow the simplest of instructions like throwing trash in it’s proper place? Diba? I’m not being high & mighty here but c’mon, isn’t that simple enough. Aigoo…makes me sad that so many of our asian counterparts have already surpassed us. If other countries can get their act together, why not us right?

    haha…sorry, nag pour out na naman ako ng saloobin sa iyo…haha…I’d love to see you soon & make chika again! Perhaps discuss things over a nice bowl of azuki parfait? =)

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      Hey there…am fine, just very busy and pre-occupied with things and the usual stuff. I know right? It sucks not being able to go to places you really feel like you belong to.

      I guess that’s the problem with possessing the (now) maroon passport, it pretty limits the opportunities available due to the transgressions of the irresponsible few.

      Di bale, there will come a time that we will get to enjoy the things present in our dream countries. It will be possible I know πŸ™‚

      Yes, the azuki parfait sounds good πŸ™‚

  2. Larry Winnett says:

    The grass is always greener. But,there are alot of grasses that just don’t digest well. Go to a country and see how the people there treat you. That is the true test. And what does their government allow for their visitors. That is the second test. I guess what I am trying to say is that sometimes you have it good and just don’t realize it right where you are. I live in a great country,come and join us. But, there are jerks and bad things everywhere. It isn’t always greatest here but, I love the people.

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