Chasing parenthood

I was all set to write about this big step I bravely took yesterday, but the fact that my lunch was ruined by a dancing cockroach — I really had to blog about it! (Incidentally, a part of me thinks I was too nice, but I can’t bear people losing their jobs because of me).

Anyway…you do know that I am married for two years now, and seriously being subjected to endless ribbing from nosy people who thinks the state of my ovaries and my ability to procreate is their business. For a time, it was okay for the hubby and I to be on our own since we wanted to make sure we have the money when we finally decide to have a kid.

Well, we’re still not filthy rich and we had to work our asses off to earn a living, but the Hubby and I decided to finally seek professional help regarding our chances of conceiving. What do you do when it’s your first time to visit an OB-Gyne in your whole freaking life? Well, you don’t have to run away — cos I have no intention of spilling the nasty details. (And truth be told, it’s not really nasty). Maybe it helps that I one of the best doctors in the field, Dra. Shiela Illescas, MD of In My Womb who also specializes in cases like mine. Maybe it helps that my doctor was very open, appealing and very pleasant to talk with. She’s very open-minded and has a way of making her clients feel at ease. Especially my case who never visited an OB Gyne before my whole freaking life.

Anyway, I am taking meds now and being closely monitored by Dra. Illescas. Well, I know this is a new adventure that I am undertaking. The road will not be as easy (I can feel it) but with His guidance and grace–the Hubby and I will one day receive our life’s greatest gift.

3 Replies to “Chasing parenthood”

  1. Hi Lans, I do hope that your visit to the doctor went well… From the way you describe it in your blog, it probably did…. The most important thing is you feel comfortable with her… After all you are talking about a person who actually sees you with your legs wide open…. without the benefit of undies right?

    Went I went on my first OB check, it truly was a daunting task…. But kudos to you and hubby for going through with it….

    Papa C and I are also talking actively on adding to our minion and as you know, I have had a rough delivery then and so, we are planning to seek out professional help just to lessen the risk factor…. wish us luck also! ha ha ha

    Imagine us populating the world…. patay!

    Just do know if ever you feel like talking anything about this… call or email me… I’m just here for you…. missing you, lans….

    1. I miss you mommny G! especially since I am going through this without the support system of friends. and as much as I would have loved to discuss this with you, my work sched is killing me and i barely even had time to even change my clothes when i go home.
      yeah, she’s a very good doctor — the best in the field even. there’s still a lot of test to be done — and i guess this is just the start for the two of us, but i dont mind really. I am that raring to have a child.

      Good to know that you were able to visit this little haven of mine. feel free to browse around, and if you want to tell me, just sms me — you know i’d drop everything for you and your family 🙂

  2. mwah! mwah! Lans, Does this doctor of your have a clinic by chance at St Luke’s Global City? Just wanted to ask…. he he he

    Anyway, missing you also…. alam mo na rin naman that Papa C and I are always here for you and M.

    Regards to you, hubby and your kitties.

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