The Green Hornet: Entertaining, yes. But brilliant? No.

I’ve written before how I am looking forward to see “The Green Hornet” on the big screen, especially since I am such a fan of Jay Chou. Well, I’ve already seen it and left the theatre with conflicting emotions.

What can I say about Britt Reid/The Green Hornet — he is an ass who can’t function well without the assistance of his “associate executive”. He is selfish, manipulative and Seth Rogen’s portrayal ( no matter how good Seth maybe) is uber one dimensional and I wanted to apologize to all 30 people who saw the movie inside Greenbelt 1. The character development of Britt’s character is so thin and so uninspiring.

I can’t also believe the motivation of Chudnofsky for being extra crazy. Yes, he sees his empire as the number one criminal group for the city, and the emergence of new criminals unnerves him (great cameo by James Franco by the way). Somehow, I just can’t process the fact that the spate of crimes in the city is due to the main villain’s mid-life crisis. It is a stupid premise, really — especially the part when he snapped and started donning that silly red trench coat. It is understandable if a villain starts getting all loopy due to love (Dr. Freeze), revenge (Two-face), insanity (Joker), quest for greatness (Lex Luthor) but due to mid-life crisis? I don’t think so… And yes, I kinda think this is a lousy role for someone like Christopher Waltz who earned rave reviews for his role as a cold, calculating nazi in Inglorious Basterds.

The only ray of brilliance in this at times annoying film (yes annoyance means Britt Reid) is Kato. Jay Chou had big shoes to fill–especially Kato was once played by the great Bruce Lee. Jay Chou, in spite his shortcomings with the English language, managed to shine so brilliantly and so adorably in this film.

At times, I feel like I was watching a different movie, one called “The Great Adventures of Kato (with the Green Hornet)” cos he was doing all the amazing things on film: the wicked fight scenes, he had all the great lines, he made all the nifty gadgets and for a time–I thought he was getting the girl. (Well, the girl went to no one).

So, yeah it is an entertaining movie and it will make you laugh your heads off, but don’t expect greatness.

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