Hey, do a Qwiki!

Saw this while browsing Chuvaness, and I was simply intrigued and amazed so I decided to try it out. Went to www.qwiki.com and had a blast typing stuff, like:


Taking search-engines a step further, Qwiki provides a minute-long narrative, complete with slideshow of pictures and videos which the users can also edit and embed on third party websites. (Source) Well, I had a blast listening to the short narratives and call me crazy, but started a queue of “Qwikis” on some of my favorite topics (yes, aside from Incubus and Jun Matsumoto).

Obviously, the site still lacks a lot of information (yes, you can’t type your name here and expect a minute-long narrative especially dedicated for you….it doesn’t work that way. I think that kind of guilty past time is reserved for Google) but what can you expect? Qwiki is barely a day old! (Having been launched January 24 in the US).

Co-founded by Doug Imbruce and Louis Monier, what makes the site extra special is the back-up funding provided by Eduardo Saverin. (Yes, THE Eduardo Saverin of The Facebook fame).

It took me almost an hour to write this post–almost an hour because I keep on going to the Qwiki site and typing inane stuff. Yes, my background muzak for this post is the voice on Qwiki, telling me stuff about Arashi, the Facebook and various stuff which really solidifies my belief that not only am I crazy (at times), but is also a closeted nerd.

Check out Qwiki, and let me know if it amuses you the way it amused the hell out of me.

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