Stress-free Saturday spent Fangirling!

I’ve always believed that the best kind of friends are the ones that even if you don’t see them as much as you would like, you’d be all okay and happy and supportive during the rare times you do get to see each other.

I am lucky to find that kind of sisters with F and A. I’ve relayed before how I met F (that is–through my good friend G, who used to work with her). F and I are both in love with the same demi-god man:

the God of Nudity and Music...and nudity

So, when I first met F, our world revolved around the aforementioned Greek God guy, and the guy’s band, the super genius, talented and sexy INCUBUS. But then, my crazy Asian-fanatic side reared its ugly head and conveniently SHOVED F down the path of “pretty boys and idols, undecipherable foreign language and such”, and she is now way, waaay down the dark side (cue: maniacal laughter here).

A good two years later, F introduced me to her good friend and my fellow Nihonophile, A — who it turned out has a thing for sexy, cute, amusing boys men, especially one whose birth certificate reads Koike Teppei.

Soooooo — A is another sweet soul sister who shares my passion for lurking, stalking, fascination with lithe, talented, adorable guys of the Japanese variety.

Anyway, following the sordid, not to mention ANNOYING details of my vile colleagues at work, these two angels suddenly texted (well, F texted) me Friday night and invited me to go to a Open House, especially intended for Asian Pop geeks like us. Her invitation proved to be a welcome respite from my busy schedule at work and the psychotic tendencies I am slowly developing (especially the need to throw people at random from the 16th floor of the office building). The girls and I arranged to go to MOA (where the open house was held) and then have a quick catch up at the same time.

me and A -- with one of F's precious finds at the open house
a fellow member of the Holy Order of Brandon Boyd and the Pretty-Boy Watchers Club

After buying the merch (well, in the case of F), I coerced them into eating at Tokyo Cafe (hey! I keep on bringing people there! Tokyo Cafe should pay me an endorsement fee…like say, a year’s supply of Azuki Parfait):

my all-day brekkie plate
the best azuki parfait in the whooooooole world!
it was so good!

It was a relaxing and happy Saturday. I wish all Saturdays were like that — unfortunately, I had to go back to the land of the manner-less come Monday.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Thank you lani-chan (ayan, lest I be corrected by an actual Japanese person…or someone more PC), I had a super wonderful time too!!!! True, I was not able to buy what I originally intended but the Top goodies that I did get, I’m very satisfied with…even though for the life of me, I will not be putting up those nice posters in the first place. Shux, sana you guys opened the mag earlier…ang ganda nya sa loob! Of course, I couldn’t understand a word but the photos were drool worthy..I’ve got an added bonus of JGS featured in the last few pages!

    I’m glad that my invite came at a time when you most needed it. I’m very happy you were able to come too because I wanted you and Ava to meet up again! Not a lot of folks are able to see this side of me (the crazy, addict side of me) but I’m glad you’re one of lucky few.

    These pretty boys are driving me nuts! I hate them…no, I love them…I hate them…no I really do love them…oh, you get the point.

    Til the next date! I’ll fix something up para you can tour our turf naman!

    ps: how can I share this on my blog?

  2. zoekinowbee says:

    woah! hahaha. looks like you had fun. :))

    wait, kasama ba ako sa mga itatapon mo from 16th floor?? HAHAHA

  3. fizzywoohoo says: zoe…my crazy friend at work who is a slave to dbsk? that’s her. hi zoe, glad you found your way here! yes, we did have fun and i hope to introduce you guys someday…perhaps at the next convention or fangirl gathering?

    no, hindi ikaw yung itatapon from the 16th floor…besides, our building only has 15 floors and also lans was referring to the biatches at her office. =)

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      hey there zoe!
      we should have coffee sometime…and oh, maybe an adzuki parfait at tokyo cafe? hahaha!

      hey fizzy 🙂

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