If you’re gonna go into battle, wear something wicked!

After almost a week of sulking and being annoyed by things I can never change, I decided to throw the towel and just let it be.

I mean, obviously I would need to keep the job since it’s something that I seriously love doing and the company where I work is top-notch and one of the best in the industry. Second, I had a pretty good start — I was able to immediately show people what I can bring to the table and I don’t wanna waste that just by being affected by the vile people I work with. Besides, I always believed that we only get affected by people who matter to us. Obviously, they barely figure in my universe — so yeah, I am dusting myself off from the little pity party I’ve come to inhabit these past few days, and decided to just ramp it up early this morning.

Maybe I’ve grown tired of pretending to be the goody-two shoes, silent suffering newbie who won’t make a beep. I am old, dammit. It would take more than a snot-nosed ego princess to crush my spirit.

Anyway, I fell asleep Thursday evening going through my old CanCam magazines. Inspired by this, I decided to wear this to work:

my "battle armor" for today
my favorite stress-reliever: playing dress up!

What I wore: Fedora hat from SM Department Store, Team Manila t-shirt (gift), bazaar-bought tiered skirt for only PHP100, knee socks from the Landmark (styled loosely) and Oxford-style peep-toe wedges from Ichigo (the Ramp)

loose-socks and my Ichigo peep-toe wedges
these are the only accessories you'll need

A few words about my peep-toe wedges. I loved them so much that I even went home wearing the damned shoes. This in spite the initial plan to change into my Ipanema sandals for the commute home. The mere heel height (about 4 inches I think) and the platform has made it tricky to maneuver, yet good thing it wasn’t a bit heavy, or else…

Considering my ineptitude in navigating the concrete jungle when in heels, I managed to survive today. Never mind that I walked as if I am 85 years old: consistently near the hand rails for the possibility of tripping and so slow that I managed to cause a slight traffic situation among commuters rushing to the Ortigas MRT station. I refused to climb up the long flight of stairs and instead opted to wait for the elevators which took forever before reaching the second floor and lastly, I had to be extra careful with each step, for fear that I will be face to face with the ground.

Suffice to say, the wedge and I survived the MRT ride…but the long walk from SM Makati to Landmark proved too much for me to bear (plus the floors were shiny and slippery–not a good combo). I decided to change shoes at SM and brave the rain wearing slippers. I’d rather be plain than maimed, that’s for sure.

Anyway, obviously I love my new shoes (ICHIGO rocks!) and my sister does too. You see, the Queen is very formal and business-like even when it comes to dressing that I, as the older sister, has even tried goading her into wearing the styles of clothes that I wear. Of course, one look at my Japanese-style trousers and the offbeat combo made the Queen decide that she’d rather stick to her stylish yet age-appropriate clothes. She says she is leaving the experimenting to me.

Somehow, I managed to goad the sister to wear my new wedge shoes while posing for a few pictures:

The Queen says it was a great “battle outfit”. Just the kind that would work well for the daily struggle at the office.

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