Peace and quiet

Today, all I want is peace and quiet. And the chance to do my job well. To make people proud of me, for what I have done and accomplished. Without causing people harm.

Right now, I shoot out a prayer to Him — guide me, give me the patience to understand people– in spite of and despite of their frailties. Let me not be quick to judge or hate. Instead, may I learn to bow my heard further in prayer for the times I am tempted to stoop down to their level. Keep me humble, that I may learn to say thank you and acknowledge people for giving me opportunities and blessings along the way.

I am tired of the drama, of the bad soap opera. Tonight, I am quiet.

3 Replies to “Peace and quiet”

  1. I’m with you here sister. Sana whatever or whoever it is that’s bothering you or pissing you off now is just a temporary road bump and that things will get better soon.

    1. Hey, as always thank you for being there…
      Really on the outs these past few days. From the highs of finding a really great job, I am now confused and sad and afraid for my own future.

      Wish to talk to you soon tho… as always, thank you for being there and for making me smile 🙂

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