Peace and quiet

Today, all I want is peace and quiet. And the chance to do my job well. To make people proud of me, for what I have done and accomplished. Without causing people harm.

Right now, I shoot out a prayer to Him — guide me, give me the patience to understand people– in spite of and despite of their frailties. Let me not be quick to judge or hate. Instead, may I learn to bow my heard further in prayer for the times I am tempted to stoop down to their level. Keep me humble, that I may learn to say thank you and acknowledge people for giving me opportunities and blessings along the way.

I am tired of the drama, of the bad soap opera. Tonight, I am quiet.


3 thoughts on “Peace and quiet

    • Hey, as always thank you for being there…
      Really on the outs these past few days. From the highs of finding a really great job, I am now confused and sad and afraid for my own future.

      Wish to talk to you soon tho… as always, thank you for being there and for making me smile 🙂

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