TrenSpotting Series: The post about the magic stick

If you’re a train-riding public like me, then you must have seen it.
“It” meaning that funny little contraption used by security guards when checking your bag before you board the train. And with various security threats usually hounding the metro, that little contraption keeps us all safe and well, eliminating all possible means of bomb threats.

Presenting…ladies and gentlemen, the magic stick!

About the size of a common ruler and as thick as a kinder student’s pencil, the magic stick is the contraption used by security guards all over the metro in sniffing through our stuff. Made of wood (usually bamboo) and at times wrapped with varying levels of packaging tape, it is poked halfway through the bag before we are given the all-clear to feed the Metro ticket to the turnstiles, and before finally boarding the train.

In my three weeks as a MRT commuter, I have yet to see how the magic stick works. I mean, with the security barely glancing all the way to my bag…how do they know if what they’re looking for (which I suppose, bombs????) is not even there. Do they know what they’re looking for — cos I suppose a potential terrorist won’t be riding the MRT carrying a backpack, where inside lies a neat little package wrapped in masking tape, with wires sticking out, with a nifty clock showing time going backwards and efficiently labeled “bomb”. I suppose not.

And should (God-forbid) there really is a bomb inside a bag, what will the stick do? Will it glow? Will it suddenly transform to Optimus Prime? Or since it is made of wood, will vines shoot out of this body then wrap around the offending item?

Pardon the sarcasm here, but I really, really wonder how security is not being compromised, considering that (OBVIOUSLY) we lack the resources to make things work efficiently.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    I ride the lrt (the violet one) as well as the mrt. May magic stick din sila dun. haha..Feeling ko nga mas blessed pa ang mall security because at least theirs is not just a plain stick na parang klinepto lang from a younger brother that plays the drums…sa malls, gadget/device talaga.
    I mean, I really don’t mind kung tataasan nila ang train fares…I think they need the money anyway…pero make sure lang sana na dun mapupunta yung itataas nila sa akin.
    Dont you envy Japan and Korea when it comes to trains? ( gusto ko yung sa korea na may door/protection pa from falling over the tracks…eh dito…kung sobrang daming tao..goodluck na lang sa yo diba? Aigoo….

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      I know what you mean…plus yung train coaches nila ang linis. I still have more on the trenspotting series… hehee! nung isang araw, may kumain ng mani sa loob INSIDE a PACKED train…can you imagine the smell?
      Pasaway talaga mga pinoy! heeeheee!

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