The ad campaign that refused to go away…

You all know that I am seriously in love with Jun-kun, but fiercely hated his ongoing Fasio campaign. I mean, I so effing hate it so much that I even blogged about it twice! (see here and here).

And like a f*cking robot in rewind for forever, I would even bitch about this campaign for anyone who would care to listen (mostly, my good friend F). Why do I hate it with a passion you say, oh well–because I’ve been doing public relations, advertising and marketing for like a trillion years and I cannot (for the life of me) see the concept of the ad (AND CAN’T ACCEPT THE COSTUME AND CHARACTER GIVEN JUN-KUN), not to mention there were a lot of silly stuff in the ad: eyelashes growing on furniture (DUH!!!), the useless storyline and well, for this — there’s a hairy something running on the floor. WTF, Kose?

I could pitch like a thousand good storyboards for this minus the weird costume, the corny storyline and the running hairy something.

Well, apparently my husband-from-the-parallel-universe is an effective endorser, cos he has a new ad airing showing him doing curly hand gestures on air. This is for their “curl-lock” mascara, and again Jun is portrayed as a “Matsugeya-san”, apparently a guy who makes the girls’ eyelashes purrrrrty.

lifted from TokyoHive

Anyway, here’s the CM so you’ll know what I’m bitching about:

In case, it doesn’t load — see it here.

Well, now that you’ve seen it: what do you think? Did you hate it as much as I did?

In fairness to the great Jun-kun, he really gives his 110% for all the roles and characters given to him–whether he looks good in it or not is irrelevant. I have this weird feeling that this is why Jun-kun remains blessed, because he is just so dedicated in what he do. But, know what Jun-kun dahling, we really should talk about the projects you accept. This one is really too much, even for you.

Get the contract…I’ll take care of the wine, and oh–a torch (the better to burn those accursed contract).

Source: TokyoHive

2 Replies to “The ad campaign that refused to go away…”

  1. haha! I saw this last night on! I tried clicking on it but the link wouldn’t open so I didn’t see the “hairy thing” crawling on the floor! haha! Anyway, when I saw the link, I was like, “Huwat?! There’s another one?!?!” Aigoo. Yes please, kindly guide our Jun-Kun toward the light of better CFs! Have mercy!

    1. I tell you its a very weird ad.
      In fairness, hindi ko kinaya ang projection ng mga kamay ni Mr. Matsumoto! Hahaha! Karir kung karir!

      Seriously, this ad is not doing his image any good. I wonder why his agency didn’t notice it.

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