Hollywood goes on a baby boom, while I await my fate…

Almost every female celebrity in Hollywood has a bun in the oven, and we aren’t even finished with January yet.

All infanticipating? (Picture not my property -- lifted fom Popeater website)

Alicia Silverstone, my former girl crush Devon Aoki, Natalie Portman, Tia Mowry, Kate Hudson, former Hudson BF Owen Wilson is also a new dad, Marion Cotillard, Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham, Jennifer Connolly, Selma Blair and Jewel — everyone’s uterus is occupied at this point! Of this news, I–of course–paid special attention to the fact that Selma Blair is already 38 and that Alicia Silverstone is not exactly young either. It’s news like these that gives me hope that at my age (31!) I am still capable of producing a human being.

I know, this is a serious post and quite a departure from my near-retarded squealing for pretty boys, but honestly, I really want to be a mom. Badly. I know, I am semi-abnormal most of the times and that my idea of housework is to send the laundry to the shop, clear up the bed and re-arranged my Japanese magazine collections. And oh, and that I am a big kid myself who needs to be taken cared of by a long-suffering husband, but you know–I am willing to give up my addiction to all things cute and useless for a kid of my own. I really wanted an offspring — I know it’s scary being a RESPONSIBLE parent, but it is something that I don’t mind doing.

The other day, I was hanging out at the Infant section of SM with some of my friends from previous work. We were talking about her six-month old baby girl and randomly choosing clothes from the department store floor on what would look good on her, when I chanced upon the cutest littlest socks! It was sooo cute…that I had to buy it and give it to her as a belated Christmas gift for the baby. Deep inside, I was really sad cos I wanted the sock for myself, but then again I don’t have a child at home. Who would I use it to? Sayuri, my bitchy cat?

And since we are amongst baby clothes, my friends were saying on how (when I do have children), my kids would prolly be one of the coolest, most fasyon kids out there. I was both flattered and sad by this. You know, one of my daily preoccupations is to think of what would my kids wear and how I will style them.

Maybe like these kids from es + es where little girls just look like princesses and dainty royalty everyday:

photo property of es+es
because little girls are made of sugar and spice, and everything nice!

I know one of these days, my time will also come. Maybe, there’s just something in the water or air in Hollywood that’s why people ARE getting KNOCKED-UP. Hmmmmn…come to think of it, should I move there? You never know, it might be contagious.

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  1. gigay says:

    Lans, don’t pressure yourself…. it will come…. : )

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