When the going gets tough — the tough goes on RETAIL THERAPY!

The same thing I did when things got too crazy for me at the office one hot Friday afternoon.
Without going into details (*BLOGGING POLICY ALERT!*), let’s just say Friday was the time that all the pressure, annoyance and fatigue sent in and led me to an unmistakable need for some serious alone time.

So, with the blessings of the boss — I left immediately when the clock hit 12 and had lunch QUIETLY, alone on a secluded corner of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. (One of my two favorite coffee shops: UCC Coffee and CBTL — mainly due to the absence of LOUD, ANNOYING INDIVIDUALS who speak in pseudo Stateside accents).

After a quiet lunch, I headed to the mall to begin my retail therapy. Note that I barely earned anything for the first 15 days of the month. I am broke, with credit card due but in serious need of one shot of happiness.

So, tell me — what can you buy with PHP1,000 (about $20)? Apparently, IF YOU LOOKED REALLY HARD ENOUGH, a lot.

scored all of these for just P1,000!

My first purchase for the day was these eyeshadow and mascara combo from Saizen, the local branch of DAISO, the famous hyakuen shop in Japan.

eyeshadow and mascara combo: shibuya soul?

Like a typical Japanophile (?), I am hankering for Japanese-made make-up and cosmetics, cos it really amazes me how flawless and beautiful it can be to models. So, when I chanced upon these babies at Saizen, I just have to buy ’em…I’ll road test them one of these days and write a quick review for this site. Of course, RMK this is not so — I really have to have serious bucks before I go on a buying binge for my make-up needs.

I went around the mall and found nothing. Most well known fast-fashion brands were selling the same old tired stuff. I was thinking that I may be going back to the office empty-handed when I chanced upon this dress at one of the independent labels at Robinson’s Galleria’s 50th Avenue.

First, this has always been my peg and inspiration:

so kawaii (non-no January 2011)

And this is what I bought, with the extreme intent of using the Non-no page as my peg:

this would look gat with my brown leather boots!

I was lucky to be able to skip out of the office by 7:30 that night and took the train to Ayala Center, the shopping mecca of Makati, with the intent to do some aimless wanderings and cool off from such a crazy day.

Well…the aimless wandering yielded me this:

from one of my favorite shoe labels, ICHIGO

Ichigo is one of my favorite brands when it comes to shoes. I am particularly in love with their line of oxfords/brogues which as you know, I am very fond of.

I loved that my shoes gave me my much needed height (and looked ok for PR work) while ensuring that I will not trip or embarrass myself since it is wedge heels. You see, I have no capability to wear heels and for the rare times that I do wear heels, it’s either I maim myself due to tripping most of the times or I ruin the shoes because I am just a shitty wearer of heels.

Anyway, the retail therapy worked. I am okay now. Well, I am broke as hell — but at least a really black cloud was lifted from my shoulders.

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