It’s me, the Ramen girl

a steaming bowl of happiness (pic not my property, c/o Suite 101 Hakata Ramen)

What is your comfort food?

For me, nothing beats the smell and taste of ramen noodles — hot, steaming bowl mixed with vegetable bits, beef, plus chewy noodles that are firm to the bite. Whoa, that is my idea of heaven.

I have always been picky when it comes to food. Blame my mother with her next to nothing knowledge in cooking and preparing foods (my dad does all the cooking and is quite a chef), and also the fact that she grew up picky with food also. So, since I was young — ramen or noodles (as they are called here in the islands), has always been my “go-to food”.

When I was still an inconsiderate brat and prone to throwing tantrums, my dad can shut me up just by serving a steaming bowl of noodles. Not even the classy ramen, but the five-peso (then) variety easily cooked in three minutes or less. When I grew old, cynical and jaded (as I am today), my comfort food has always been noodles. That and an ice cold bottle of Coke,. Heaven.

There is just something comforting in each sip of the hot broth…your eyes turning misty, your nose starting to get watery and you almost burn your tongue. It was truly one of the simple pleasures of life. I remember pairing my noodles with salted egg and hot rice — damn, I’d prefer this over a dinner of suckling pig and morcon. SERIOUSLY! And you know what I love best when eating noodles–the experience itself. The quick slurping sound, the beads of sweat on your forehead, the slight dribble of sauce on your chin…when I was younger, eating ramen gave me a quick break from the mundane worries of being a kid: a sh*tty math assignment, being grounded, lack of money, not placing first in the school honor roll. This same sense of peace is accorded to me now that I am old and with bigger worries.

For now, I take pleasure hoarding cup noodles. That, a pack of crackers and a small bottle of ice cold coke is my ideal comfort food. This is also the reason why this post came about. I came home tired from work, famished and a bit under the weather due to a stressful account, and with high hopes of having a really great dinner. Guess what? There’s no food in the fridge. Instead of bitching about it, I let my trusty cup noodles save the day.

If I am this passionate about ramen, you can just imagine that one of my fondest wishes is to eat RAMEN for real in the streets of Tokyo. Oh, that will be beyond heaven…

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