It’s gonna be another SuperShow!

Super Junior fans, flog me now with your uchiwas and hand-held blinking posters… gomenasai… I really don’t have a clue.

sorry, sorry boys...I have no clue!

For a few weeks now, I’ve been wondering senseless on the huge activity in terms of searches and reads on Super Junior in my blog. I remember writing about the boys previous concert in Manila. Being more a JPop fan and quite clueless in the SuJu universe, I kept wracking my brain why people kept on reverting to my old post on the boys.

SuJu fans, a thousand apologies — but now I know.

The boys are having a concert again in Manila!

*(Collective boo arises from SuJu fans: KamikazeeGirl..duh! We’ve bought the tickets, readied our uchiwas, bought new clothes and ensured that our best friend is coming with us to watch the concert. AND IT IS ONLY NOW THAT YOU KNOW? What kind of a freaking blogger are you…and where have you been hiding all these effing weeks?!)*

m(– –)m gomenasai, a thousand bows to all of you…

but as you probably read (if you are a constant reader of this blog) I was in the midst of professional and personal crisis during the last weeks of 2010. I REALLY HAD NO CLUE though I remember my friend F telling me about it, I was with the impression that it was the past concert and not this one.

Well, as mentioned on my previous blog, I am barely familiar with the boys…and I don’t even know their names. Though I must admit that I watched “Attack of the Pretty Boys” and found Kang-in super adorable (yes, I have a soft spot for bad boys). And yes, aside from the fact that I am more of a JPop/JRock fan — so the boys doesn’t figure as prominently in my universe.

And I have a feeling that it doesn’t really matter really–to millions of their adoring and fiercely loyal fan base, Super Junior reigns supreme in theirs. And who could dispute this really? These boys cover all quad-media and is considered one of the foremost talents in Korean entertainment. And on February 26, Super Junior will rock Manila as they hold Super Show 3 at the Araneta Coliseum.

Earlier, while riffling through stacks of reports and quotations, I had a sudden brilliant idea. I asked my boss, who is thisclose with concert producers and sponsors if she can score me tickets to Super Junior’s Super Show. Wala lang…. I just want to see the boys perform live, and maybe bask in their magic. Who knows, should I get to watch, I might turn into a super fan.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Lanikun!!! Don’t laugh…December pa lang I bought tickets na for me and Ava…she said yes on the condition that I don’t get the outrageously priced tickets…and that we also watch Deftones too. So yun, I’m waiting for Feb. 26 to arrive na lang.
    Aww..sana you get tickets too para we can go together! (shux, tapos you get the vip tickets pa no? haha!)
    Now if only someone would have the bright idea of bringing Big Bang here haha!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      am hoping you’d enjoy the show fizzy…
      well, it’ll be cool if she can score me tickets…but if not, ok din lang 🙂

      hoping to see you there though…

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