Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —

…it’s because of the cute boys.

Of course, I told you before how at I met my first-ever Japanese “pretty boy” (and awesome wild child) through the pastel covers of Non-no. I was 22 years old and curiously going through the magazine collection at the Manila Shimbun library.

And so Non-no decided to make my January just a little bit mooooore sweet šŸ™‚

I won’t argue with them though. Cos this January, featured in the pages are just some of the most talented (and hottest, I must say) men from the land of the rising sun and panty vending machines šŸ™‚

oh yeah, my boys don't disappoint!

And to make sure that Arashians are happy beyond disbelief, Non-no decided to give us these pages too:

...but Jun-kun, must you project? must you open your mouth ever so slightly?

My favorite fashion magazine splurged four more pages with individual pictures of the other boys. I am of course posting my Jun-kun’s page, but I have pics of the other boys too! (let me know if you want a copy, I’d be glad to send one your way. Yeah — we Stormy girls should be sticking together šŸ™‚ )

Well, here are some of the other pictures, for your viewing pleasure:

behind the scenes shots for the cover

My only gripe is that this ad campaign hasn’t died a natural death…YET:

the least gush-worthy of all of Jun-kun's ad campaigns

And because we are talking of a fashion magazine here, of course — here are some clothes that I wouldn’t mind having as soon as my “struggling, broke and poor new employee” phase comes to an end:

Just a few more weeks, and I can go back to my usual stylings (as I am still observing the company dress code)

CanCam, Anecan, NYLON Japan, Popteen, Jj and Vivi — just some of my latest favorite Japanese fashion magazines. But, Non-no will always have the top spot in my heart. Non-no is my first ever Japanese fashion magazine (when I started collecting). While the styling featured in its pages are more subdued and appeals more to the “cutesy, girly” part of me, I will always remember the wicked street stylings featured in its pages circa 2002-2003.

4 Replies to “Reason number 2 why Non-no is my favorite Japanese magazine of all time —”

  1. hi. i’m searching some of MatsuJun’s clothing. i haven’t found any brand that he endorses. i came across your site =). could you send me a link on where i could download the whole or just the arashi part of Non-no feb2011 issue? my email is there. arigatou gozaimasu (^_^)

    1. unfortunately, i don’t buy mags here in manila. i tried looking but there was no good sources— maybe except for the online sellers. I get them usually in HK or SG, or when i was still working for the kaisha, someone buys me straight from Japan and I pay here in Manila. Or someone from Japan will buy in my behalf and send it via EMS.
      But most of the time, I just download via the internet. try googling “japanese fashion magazines” and out comes a plethora of magazine sources šŸ™‚

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