Inflight entertainment – the Pinoy way

WOHboy…we Pinoys really had to take it much further….

When this video of dancing flight attendants first caught my attention on YouTube (and in the news), I really don’t care much:

After all, while we have to admit that this gimmick by CebPac is a bit trite and tacky, we must admit that the dancing FAs got the attention of the passengers to take notice of the in flight safety demo. Normally, this is the part of the flight where passengers (me, included) would start looking at the ceiling, at the in flight magazine or at the hunky passenger across the aisle, ANYWHERE that is–except on the ongoing safety demonstration which was vital in case we have to start saving our asses 40,000 feet above ground.

The reason I was not impressed that much is because when I was 25 years old, I spent two years traveling with a group of porters who dances in a bid to add spice and cheer to passengers traveling via ship:

These guys were already dancing even before the “dancing craze” began in the Philippines. Read: dancing prison inmates, dancing FAs, dancing grocery baggers, dancing cops… From what I remember from the company orientation I had back then, these guys were dancing as early as ten years ago, when the head porter noticed that porters were just milling about when the ship is yet to sail or dock. I knew these guys personally and I’ve seen them practice their routines a hundred times. Think: a heavily-tattooed macho-looking mustached (yes, all the cliches) guy grappling with the steps of “Buttercup”. And please, throw your stereotypes away, these guys were also some of the kindest human beings I had the pleasure of knowing.

Anyway, as I’ve said — this is the same reason why I didn’t react as much to the Dancing FAs. But of course, us Pinoys…we really just have to push the envelope further:

Yes, these are dancing whatever from SEAir (another small carrier from the Philippines). I say whatever because they obviously don’t look like flight attendants, more like hired models.

While the Dancing FAs from CebPac was at least interesting and enjoyable to watch, these girls make me want to cringe — first, their performance is uber boring (a few shakes, sway and clap), second — why do I have this nagging feeling that the performance felt forced and contrived and lastly, the extra bitchy part of me was throwing snide remarks on how it looked like a really boring girlie bar floor show on air.

Come on, SEAir Marketing & Promo guys, this is the best you can do? If you’d resort to copying Cebu Pacific, you might as well do something really cool and impressive.

What should I expect next? Dancing train station guards?

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