Hindi ba halata???

And now, this is the only thing that keeps me sane.
Why do I love ’em Japanese boys? Lemme count the ways!

1. I love that their hair has a life of its own. When you see a Japanese boy, you always notice his hair. It can be teased and colored and stiff. Or shaved. Or shaved and colored. Or big and poofy and occupying another address and space altogether, curly and soft….or arranged standing up, making them look like pineapple heads. Usually covered in chemicals and other forms of gunk–which obviously contributes to the continuous problem with our ozone layer– their hair alone can left someone enthralled.

2. Too expressive eyes. One puppy dog eyes and that’s it — you’re forever hooked!

3. Three words: Tokyo Street Fashion

4. I love that Japanese boys look so lithe and androgynous — of course, we are talking of the Ikemen-type here. None of that crazy yankii-type with their scary biker thug look

5. Is it just me or do Japanese boys look ten times cuter when they are wearing their school uniforms? Yeah, this is an effect of watching Hana Kimi and Gokusen too much.

6. I love it when they speak sweetly. Or when they try to look cute. Yes, my peg for this claim is Jun Matsumoto aka Domyouji Tsukasa trying to be adorable. Sorry…

…to be continued!
What about you? why do you love Japanese boys?

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Two thumbs up for this post!!! Though I’m more exposed and inclined to love their next door neighbors (aka The Koreans), I still love the Japanese boys I do know namely: Eiji Wentz, Teppei Koike, Takeshi Kaneshiro (is he strictly Japanese? I might be wrong here), Ken Watanabe and of course very high up on the list, if not my top person on the list is of course your hubby from an alternate universe Matsumoto Jun!!!

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