Fake it till ye make it!

I don’t have a problem with my ego — in fact, it’s the other way around. I piss people off because I can be too confident (in their opinion) sometimes.

But I do know when to shut up. I shut up when I am faced with too much talent, with people who blow me away with their passion, intelligence and grasp for words. As you know, today is my first day with my new company. And to say that I am scared shitless is a major understatement. More than ever, the need to achieve and make a difference gets to me — what if I fail to reach their expectations? Then, that would be such a bummer.

In my quest to do something with my life: I am given the ultimate challenge. Here I am, now blessed with a company which will surely test my skills, my mettle (and as said by the boss) my patience. Here is a company that is willing and able to give me wish to have a career, to finally see my calling…and this is where I should be.

No way will I ever be intimidated. If I have to bust my ass out to prove that I can do it, to prove my mettle–I’d do it. I pretty much spent a year turning rusty in integrated communications and doing nothing but writing copy on fair underarms and glowing inner thighs–I think I deserve the change in scenery.

So friends, hop on–tighten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. It’s gonna be bumpy and wild!

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