Propriety (look ’em up and know what it means)

picture lifted from TMZ website

I love watching The Discovery Channel but I think their plan to air a re-telling of Michael Jackson’s autopsy leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Hey, I am all for the CSI-ing of medical procedures like autopsies and making it more understandable to us mortals, but must it be Michael Jackson’s?

Somehow the plans lacks propriety and respect to the family of the King of Pop. Have they also thought of the reality that he has kids that were still traumatized by his death? Couldn’t the show–if the aim is for medical studies and to further learning–just feature a random autopsy and just do away with the Jackson angle?

I don’t know–I maybe fascinated with forensics, CSI and all that, and while deep inside, I am curious to know WHAT REALLY HAPPENED to the King of Pop — I’d rather spare the kids the agony of having to put up with a show like this.

That’s the thing with fame and notoriety, there will always be people willing to cash on your name. The fact that you died so tragically is just a sad footnote to them.


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