Ja Mata, ne?

Yesterday was officially my last day at my old company. Come Monday, I will be going back to work, but with a different company and meeting and adjusting again with new people.

I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself–I spend years nurturing relationships and then things happen and I am forced to give up on friends and acquaintances. Any person blessed with good friends, reputation and standing–plus an easy job would probably stay put on their chosen company. Well, any sane person that is, except me.

As I surveyed the ballroom where the party was held and began looking at familiar faces–I can’t help but be very melodramatic on how I had such a great year with a lot of these people. Yeah, I really can’t stand some of them and there are times that I am tempted to toss random people off the 22nd floor, but with every person that I hated, there came five or more people who I continue to be in awe of.

One thing you can’t probably take against my former colleagues–is that they are true to a fault. They are raw, honest and as real as you could get — no BS, no pretensions, no mind-games, just honest truth usually visible with people who had it real bad in life.

So, yesterday at the party, I took table-hopping literary (nope, not jumping on tables…quite but not really). I had my picture taken with all the people whom I shared a good year with; said my goodbye to the Big Boss and thanked him for the trust, support and guidance; and lastly, I made peace with leaving. Whuuuuuut????

S, A, LR & KamikazeeGirl

Truth is, my departure wasn’t exactly drama-free. A lot of vile things happened during my last few days in the office, that I wouldn’t even bore you with the details. Suffice to say, what I could probably tell you is that when you do an exit interview–make sure it has the NON-DISCLOSURE agreement down pat. Cos leaking info isn’t exactly the best thing to face when leaving the office. That and an angry upset person who probably cursed you to eternal damnation.

As usual, I was going all Holden Caulfield during the party–trying to force a goodbye. Cos you know, like Holden, I really want to feel like the place knew it that I AM LEAVING. Call me a drama queen, crazy or just a freakish Catcher in the Rye avid reader–but that is how I want my goodbyes. This coming from someone who hates the word “goodbye”.

Yeah, maybe this is not really goodbye for me and my former colleagues and friends. After all, the universe has a way of springing surprises just when you least expect it. Not to mention that the industry where I belong to is very small–people are bound to run into each other at some point. (So kids, NEVER EVER BURN BRIDGES ok?).

— AND OH, just a few words about the party. The theme was Masquerade Ball but obviously, judging from the look of these people: no one took the theme seriously. Oh well, except for maybe a few–especially this really adorable girl who wore a princess ballgown and peacock feathers on her hair. She was so pretty! I had to resist the temptation to place her in a box and display her on my bedroom shelf along with the other dolls. Anyway, I was hoping to channel Blair Waldorf with the look: flower-patterned dress, with runching, a pretty headband and pearls plus tights and wicked heels. Well, I looked a bit under dressed considering I was seated near the princess herself, but given the choice of wearing big ball gowns or cocktail dresses containing twenty thousand fake rhinestones (someone sashayed the venue wearing this), I am sticking to what I wore that evening.

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  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    Haha you went all Holden Caulfield? Nice! And made peace with the boss? I second the motion when you say “Whuuuuuut???” When I left my old co., I only said my goodbyes to the folks that mattered. Ang feeling ko naman…these people were mean to me/didn’t give a rat’s ass about me when I was there for 11 effing years..why should my last day with them be any different? But these are a super few lang naman..mga 2 or 3 but to each his own.
    I send you my best wishes for this coming monday. I also pray for your happiness with this new job. And you’re nearer to me so let’s meet up from time to time! You can do it Lanikun…matsujun believes in you and so do I! Fighting!

    1. lanilakwatsera says:

      thanks fizzy!
      my experience today was very scary and challenging. everyone around me is just so witty and so knowledgeable in PR. but you know what, i feel like i made the right decision to be there. the opportunity to learn and move up in the pr hierarchy is so great…
      you know, i have a feeling that this will never be easy for me — but hey, gambatte kudasai! faito! 🙂

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