So, what did ya get?

Had a great Christmas this year–in fact, I had a great year and as the year came to a close: lots of good things came to me. The universe has been exceptionally nice to me this year and I keep wracking my brain trying to come up with ways on how to thank the universe and Him for being so awfully nice to an awful person like me.

Anyway, I really had nice gifts from friends and love ones. I am lucky to know people who knew me–quirky personality and all. And the gifts I received from these people all point to various facets of my personality.

Seriously good haul - Christmas 2010

a. Two uber cute notebooks with Japanese characters – this was given by my good friend F, who obviously knows my weird fixations on anything Japanese and my insane addiction with notebooks. I currently have around 7 notebooks (plus the two gifts from Fizzy) lying around in my room UNUSED, and yet I keep on buying. Last I heard, the Hubby and the Queen are planning an intervention on me to arrest this weird fixation with paper.

b. A pink tumbler from my former office mate, J.

c. A pink shopping bag/eco bag from the kind manang at the office. This kind manang has been exceptionally nice to me during my one year stay at the former company.

d. A big tub of oily, creamy sweet Pinoy peanut butter from the same kindly manang. She also knows that I love the old school Pinoy peanut butter which is oozing with oily and creamy goodness. I think this is the difference between Filipino-made peanut butter compared to foreign brands: it’s oily and creamy. So, you can literally feel your hips grow big as you down a spoonful of gooey goodness. Imagine this with hot pandesal. Heaven.

e. A limited edition Jim Chim X Giordano collaboration shirt from the Queen. The Queen bought the same design for the Hubby. So yeah, our first official couple shirt. God forbid if we start dressing alike.

f. Another shopping bag/ eco bag from G. All in all–I got three shopping bags/eco bag from three different persons. Whoa, I really do have a reputation as a shopping addict. Not in this picture is also a blue eco bag from my good friend BM.

g. A red and white whimsy wristwatch from the baby bro. The bro knows that I do not own a watch. He says that it’s about time that I start owning one. I no longer have any excuse to be late.

h. a Blackberry Curve from the Hubby. And me, being innately stupid with gadgets, doesn’t even know how to use the phone well.

i. Original Tokidoki Frenzies (rainbow design) cellphone charm/zipper pull. This was given to me during our Secret Santa exchange gift at the office. The office had the foresight to circulate a paper where we can write our wishes, so i wrote: stuff from Muji, stuff from Forever 21, a Belle du Jour power planner and this Tokidoki Frenzies as my choices.Of course, my Secret Santa went for the cheapest and easiest to attain thing from the choices given. I am planning to turn the Frenzie to a necklace pendant instead of a cellphone charm. Yes, I also have a thing for reinvention.

I am really so grateful for the generosity and the love given by these people. I also received other gifts but haven’t opened them yet. I have yet to post gifts from chubby-cheeked L (hi, L!), my co-writer from Creatives. More than the amazing things you gave me, it’s the fact that you know me so effing well that I value more than anything. Again, Happy Holidays!

…and what did you get?

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