Darren Criss in Manila for a mall show! (hyperventilate! hyperventilate!)

my Blaine 🙂

Quick! Hand me the oxygen will ya? I think I’ll pass out any minute now.

Apparently, my favorite Gleek, Blaine (aka DARREN CRISS), is in Manila for a two day gig. I am passing out in pure excitement–the thought of him being on the same thirty mile zone as I am tomorrow is enough to make me break out a line from “Teenage Dream” Warblers-style.

OMG! I need tickets! What must I do to score tickets to this show? Sell my spleen? My kidney? Yeah, you can prolly go with the kidney as I think I have a spare somewhere (sorry, Biology is not my strongest subject). The possibility that he is just in a mall a stone’s throw away from where I work and I won’t hear his voice LIVE is killing me to pieces!

Already trawling the internet for information about this development and apparently, you have to buy tickets to get inside the cordoned area. I NEED TO BE IN THE CORDONED AREA. Sh*t, I should have been more pleasant and friendly when I was still doing PR. Serves me right for being Ms. Scowling Bitch — now I don’t even have connections to get me inside the effing cordoned area! Must exhaust my contacts…must exhaust my contacts! F*ck, this is what I get for being Ms. Anti-Social way, way back! I really need to hear Darren Criss live!!!!!!!! OMG, Can someone save Christmas for me and be a doll and give me access for tomorrow’s show???? I’m effing desperate, dammmmit!!!!!!!

(*hyperventilate! hyperventilate!*)

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