I am friends with weird people…and I couldn’t be more happier!

I had a great Christmas get-together breakfast with two of the people whose opinion I value so much.

These two are good friends from way, way back and I was lucky enough to be part of their little circle. I loved their bitchy, witchy hirits and there are no words to explain how I love being with these two.

Anyway, the topics of our little Christmas brekkie made me realize that even though I’ve been friends with G for almost five years and with F, a good one or two years–there are still stuff about them that I know no shit about. And isn’t this the point of cultivating friendships? To discover quirky, funny, wonderful things that adds up to the total package of a person.

And with all the crazy things happening in my life right now, meeting these girls for lunch meant so much to me, and even meant a lot more than the beautiful things they gave me for Christmas (thanks G and F — I love your gifts!!!) I think I never laughed so much than earlier. Who knew I am friends with nutty, crazy girls?

Crazy girls in the hooooouse!!! G and F 🙂

I. G — Jollibee’s Stalker for Real!

You have to know something about G — she is proudly OC, very motherly to her “kids” (including me), possesses quiet sophistication and breeding, she is also one of the few people whom I have utmost respect. In my eyes, she is the wife, career woman and mother than I aspire to be.

That is–even after I knew that she has this mad “thing” towards Jollibee. For those not raised in the Philippines, Jollibee is this giant bee mascot for Jollibee, the number one fast food chain in the Philippines that is beating McDonald’s to a bloody pulp.

Anyway, it is only now–after five years of friendship–that I’ve learned that serious yet lovable G has this thing of harassing Jollibee mascots cos she finds them really, really cute. I mean, I almost had pasta shoot out of my nose after she mentioned how she torments these mascots to shame each time she is in close proximity to any unfortunate Bee.

JolliBEES -- this must be G's idea of heaven

Somehow I just can’t imagine pretty, proper G trying to score a grope on a giant bee. The image just tears me to pieces! I don’t know about you–but am not a big fan of mascots. Aside from scaring the sh*t out of me, I have a big compulsion to beat the crap out of any mascot when I see one. That’s why when I see a mascot, I stay away.

Here’s a video of that giant bee doing a dance showdown with a giant chicken:

I can only imagine G’s glee on this video. Now I know why all the kiddie parties at her home is held at Jollibee. Mixing business with pleasure, aint it, G?

II. F and the Case of the Missing Subtitle

me and G
The Bitchy Girls Club

F was one of the few people who I managed to bring over to the dark side with my Asian obsessions. Right now, the apple of F’s eyes are the talented boys of Super Junior, as well as Jang Geun Suk, the prince of the Hallyu wave. F’s current drug of choice is watching TVN, a Korean entertainment channel seen on cable. Blessed with good subtitles, this is where the little Korean entertainment junkie gets her news on all things KPop.

One day, F comes home from work and switched on the telly for her taste of KPop madness. And promptly realized that there was no subtitle for her to work on! Imagine her surprise and her panic when she realized that her drug of choice is missing its English subtitles! After contemplating calling the Customer Service Manager from the cable company to sort out the mess, F decided to let it be–and just let it go. Though I can imagine that her heart must have been breaking to let go of her favorite channel. Until one day, F opened her TV and set it to TVN, convinced that the English subtitles won’t come back. Finally, she looks into the screen and realized that she can read it! The English subtitles are back!

I told her, for all you know–the guy in charge of the subtitles must have taken his annual leave and went for a short visit to his motherland!

I wish I could told the story the same way I heard it this morning, cos it was just so freaking funny I was laughing my brains out at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

My friends, ladies and gentlemen — they take the cake for being one of the craziest people in the planet and yet—I would love them just the same.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. fizzywoohoo says:

    You honor me Lani-Kun…arigato gozaimas! Like Gae, I will never tire of telling the universe that I am so thankful that we have crossed paths and became friends. As Ava & Kris mentioned on fb…I may not be anti-social but it’s quite hard for me to relax to new people…but thanks to Gae & Brandon (parang couple sila ano?)..and then later on to all these very good looking chinito boys who are very good at multi-tasking (You’re way up on the list Mr. Matsumoto!) my life has become happier, cooler..and quite frankly a little crazy too because even small things such as subtitles disappearing can rattle my sanity!
    So cheers Lani-Kun! Let’s each toast to our friendship–you with your sake and I with my soju! =)

  2. fizzywoohoo says:

    Pahabol: OMG!!!!! So many Jollibees!!!!! Yeah, if Gae died right now that’s probably what her heaven might look like!

  3. gigay says:

    Nakakaloka ang picture with so many Jollibee!!!! Yummy! Yes, folks, I have to agree… this is my idea of heavaen…. he he he…. so many bees to harrass!!!!

    Seriously, I was sad for our small and short get together come to an end… sadly, we had to part ways because duty calls…. I am so hipong-hipo (touch), lans that you want to be like me… Piece of advise…. DON’T!!! You have to be who you are… quirks and all… emulating me will probably make you stir crazy after 10 minutes being in my skin… I have so many hang ups you just don’t begin to imagine….

    F…. I still laugh out loud about that subtitle episode…. ha ha ha! I may not actually able to relate with you guys but seeing how your friendship blossoms is already a reward in itself for me….

    Lans…. send me the Jollibee pic please! I want to savor those many bees that I will be imagining to harrass…

    And how dare you say I grope! Hmmmp! That is not actually groping! Was just asking every bloody bee that I see why they left their gives without any briefs! for crying out loud! isn’t that a decent question? (looking pretty innocent) he he he!

    Love to hang out with you guys soon! mwah! mwah!

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