All I want for Christmas is yooooooou…!

Seven days before Christmas and I am unveiling my Christmas wish list. I pretty much stopped wishing and asking for a lot of material stuff, mainly because the Lord has been very kind to me–my husband and I. He has given me too much, and even answered some of my deepest wishes and fondest dreams. And save for the presence of a child in our lives, I could never really ask for anything more.

Anyway, since (SADLY) the point (SOMETIMES) of Christmas is to reveal on what is material and tangible, I am again doing a Christmas wish list similar to the list I did last year. As update, I got some of my wishes last year–like a cool new passport holder, and there are also things I decided not to get simply because I got something waaay cooler than what I initially want.

Here’s my wish list for 2011:

1. Anthology Brogues – I’ve been asking for this for almost 3 months already — it’s just a matter of me buying them or someone utterly crazy who’d give it to me as a gift. So far, no one is biting the bullet.

2. New Doc Martens — the design I wanted is still initially available in UK alone and I am sincerely praying that someone sees this available in the Philippines and alert me for such thing of beauty

3. Boater Hat – I am so in-love with this boater hat, and locally I think I can get it at Trunk Show, but it would really be cool if someone gives me this as a gift.

4. A subscription to a Japanese magazine – any mag is okay – CanCam or Nonno will do. Or if you’re feeling generous, you can buy me both 🙂 The fact that I spent quite so much on overseas trips buying Japanese magazines on airports is the bane of my travel existence. I tend to scrimp money on food and transpo, just so that I can buy Nonno and CanCam each time I travel to a country where these magazines are available.

the Nonno cover that I love

5. And my very own Satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company: this is my current bag of choice, the kind that I obsess and lost sleep over with. In my mind, no other bag can usher me in my new company but this vintage brown satchel from The Cambridge Satchel Company. That is–except for one teeeny, tiny little problem: this satchel would cost me (and my non-existent) benefactor 10 thousand bucks! So definitely, there is a big chance that I’ll delegate this to my “no fat chance in hell” shelf, but if you really want to give me a satchel– there are fake ones selling in Greenhills for P500 bucks!

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