Hello, stranger…have I seen you before?

One of my friends from way, way back managed to unearth from her magic antique truck some old negatives and proofs from ten years ago. The proofs showed a young girl, who just turned 21 and with nary in the care in the world.

Circa 2000
Who is this girl? (All photos courtesy of Riya Catada)
my batch of the life & leisure girls at Bulletin

Aside from the deep, dark eyes, I don’t even know this girl anymore. It’s funny how ten years can change a person. I look at her and I envy her svelte figure, the freedom that she enjoys and a part of me wished nothing ever changed. She was very young, very raw and very idealistic. And she had a way of believing and seeing the good in everyone.

The sad thing is that with many years being pat of different companies, I’ve managed to bury that girl to the back of my mind. That girl had to take a backseat to the myriad of worries which i had to attend to, the problems and the numerous challenges and obstacles which I had to answer to.

Ten years ago– the most that I worried about is how to make the cute guy across the Manila Bulletin hall take notice of me. He was tall and chinkee-eyed and had this weird habit of parading his half naked body at the editorial room (since he plays for the company basketball team — so he was always freshly out of the shower before he begins his shift). To my freshly out of school naive self, he constituted my definition of “Greek God”. I now laugh at this naivety and of my weird taste in men (then). Working as a lifestyle writer, I thought I knew it all, I was very idealistic and very fiercely protective of my prose. Of course, my legendary (then) editor promptly brought my egotistical ass back to earth by LOUDLY pointing out the obvious grammatical errors in any of my submitted articles. Suffice to say, I stopped acting like an insufferable know-it-all.

I won’t point out the obvious and harp on my obvious weight gain. You don’t have to call me defensive, but I really love how I look now (provided I get to lose 20-25 pounds). Ten years ago, I was sporting a too large head on top of a skinny body. Ten tears after, I am desperate to lose this big ball of fat which parked itself in my tummy.

Seeing this picture is a real head trip. It made me realized that I was truly blessed to have met amazing human beings at a time when I knew no one.

I wish I could have known this girl. I am sure we’d have a blast talking. And while I’d tell her that in a few months or so after this photoshoot, you will be forced to resign, FRET NOT, the man you will eventually marry is just a few phone calls and a few weeks away.


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