Model…..professional model, and oh–tempting eye candy as well

Have you seen these commercials?

And here is the full one:

I kinda hated this plug for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 over at Star World. I kinda feel like for some of the plugs, it kind of underlined the fact that models are like glorified clothes hanger who get perks for being tall, skinny and having amazing cheekbones. But what takes the bitter taste out of the whole plug is this amazing specimen of a human being who has the ability to deliver the most annoying lines (“Good thing I don’t have to go to modeling school…”) with raw panache, humor and candor that by doing so, the plug turned into this silly self-deprecating thing. A thousand props to the brilliant casting director who had the foresight to cast someone like JASON GODFREY for the utterly annoying plug.

Yes, after spending time *cough*countlesshours*cough* searching on who the heck the model was–finally found him on Star World’s on Facebook account. Star World should pay Jason a bonus or something for making an annoying commercial tolerable.

Here are some more pictures of Jason Godfrey, courtesy of Star World’s Facebook page. All pictures property of Star World:

Jason Godfrey (property of Star World -- the picture, not Jason)

This guy is just too beautiful for words…

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