To have…and to hold, and to forever remember

My absence these past two days is due to the staging of the wedding I was working on as the on-the-day coordinator/ wedding planner. The wedding opened my eyes on a lot of things — the beauty of finding the person you’ll spend the rest of your life with, the power of vows exchanged straight from the heart and of course, the magical effect of weddings–its capability to tug at heart strings.

Had a very long day yesterday–mine started at 6AM. Me and the ever supportive Hubby traveled from Makati to Imus, Cavite to be picked by the service vehicle. My day started really early. For the prep alone, until the writing of the cue cards, picking seat assignments, flower arrangements and trying to assuage the bride that yes, she has a marriage contract. Then, to running the whole wedding–from the entourage march to the final kiss. Then worrying about the reception right after.

the altar at Sonya's Garden

And then of course, you have to deal with anxious parents, a nervous bride and the collective concern of other suppliers.

For some people, they call this a nightmare.

But for me — this is part and parcel of the whole wedding theme. Stressful, yes. Worth bitching over? No.

That’s the magic of weddings: seeing true, honest-to-goodness love unfold right before your eyes. Seeing a continuation of a fairy tale and the possibility of a happy ending.

Me, I was so thankful to be part of their very important day. I love each and every minute of it.

To have little things and simple memories to remember by
And so, the wedding was held at Sonya’s Garden in Tagaytay City. Sonya’s was simply magic starting from the rustic, shaby chic feel of the place to the cold Tagaytay weather…everything was just simply awesome.

But more than the venue, what I loved more is the food — particularly the salad.

freshly-baked bread
not-so-stellar pasta

The Hubby and I decided to have our lunch at the Garden. For PHP600, you get endless servings of salad, a pasta and the best taragon tea made possible to mankind. The salad
was simply awesome, and I loved the taste of the crunchiest melons I’ve tasted. Much of the hype comes from the cold weather and the classy looking hotel along the national highway.

happy together
very happy mike 🙂

In spite the chao, the wedding was simply too stunning for words.

CONTINUATION: I am sorry if this seemed abruptly cut-off, I was already dozing off as I type this at 2 in the morning so I had to stop myself before I start writing something distinctly stupid or worse, doesn’t make sense.

As much as I love Sonya’s — I think the food is slightly overrated.

Yes, organic is the cool by-word nowadays, and eating stuff grown in the restaurant’s garden is very charming, quaint and appealing. The salad is to die for — the greens, they were crunchy and tasty while the mix of melons, mango, cucumber, roasted nuts, corn, mashed egg complimented by a tasty home-made salad dressing was simply too divine for words.

I think the Hubby and I spent 45 minutes just feasting on the salad (it was eat all you can) before signaling for the pasta…

Unfortunately, the pasta played less stellar role to the garden salad. I did not even finished the pasta and decided to signal for the desserts. The combination of chocolate cake, sweetened camote and turon was divine, especially when complimented by the taragon tea.

I think, Sonya’s was a good “get-away” especially for couples who would love to discover and try new things. The Hubby and I bonded really well during that time and for me, nothing can be more priceless than seeing the man I married smiling to himself while enjoying his food. He simply looked so happy. And I think that’s what marriage is for — appreciating little things and little blessings with the person you love the most right beside you, sharing in on the experience.

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